FAQs- Legal issues

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How To Report Domestic Violence?

How to file A Police Report For Stolen Property?

How shall I complain against a Police?

How to prepare for a victim statement to Magistrate?

How to  Stay Anonymous when reporting Drug Dealing or heinous crime?

How to make a complaint to the Chief Judicial Magistrate?

How to make a complaint to the Executive Magistrate for breach of peace?

How to make a will?

What are the basic civil litigations one should know?

  • Personal injury or tortious claim
  • Breach of contract
  • Divorce and family disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes

 How to Write a Notice to Vacate?

How to differentiate between Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common?

Do You Always Have To Probate A Will?

whether signing a Letter on Someone else’s Behalf?

How to Give Someone a Power of Attorney

How To Revoke Power Of Attorney

Whether signing as Power of Attorney Holder valid?

What Is an irrevocable Power of Attorney?

How to write a letter of permission?

How Do I Get a Document Notarized?

Who Can Witness A Legal Document?

How to write an eviction letter to a tenant?

How to write a  notice of intent to vacate the rented premises?

Whether back ground checking of a tenant is necessary?

How to change a lawyer appearing for my trial?

Shall I ask a fees receipt from my lawyer?

What shall I do when my lawyer took fees and neglected my case?

What is Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) and when it was introduced by GOI?

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