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  1. How To Report Domestic Violence?
  2. How to file A Police Report For Stolen Property?
  3. How shall I complain against a Police?
  4. How to prepare for a victim statement to Magistrate?
  5. How to  Stay Anonymous when reporting Drug Dealing or heinous crime?
  6. How to make a complaint to the Chief Judicial Magistrate?
  7. How to make a complaint to the Executive Magistrate for breach of peace?
  8. How to make a will?
  9. What are the basic civil litigations one should know?

Personal injury or tortious claim
Breach of contract
Divorce and family disputes
Property disputes
Landlord and tenant disputes

  1.  How to Write a Notice to Vacate?
  2. How to differentiate between Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common?
  3. Do You Always Have To Probate A Will?
  4. whether signing a Letter on Someone else’s Behalf?
  5.  How to Give Someone a Power of Attorney
  6. How To Revoke Power Of Attorney
  7. Whether signing as Power of Attorney Holder valid?
  8. What Is an irrevocable Power of Attorney?
  9. How to write a letter of permission?
  10. How Do I Get a Document Notarized?
  11. Who Can Witness A Legal Document?
  12.  How to write an eviction letter to a tenant?
  13. How to write a  notice of intent to vacate the rented premises?
  14. Whether back ground checking of a tenant is necessary?
  15. How to change a lawyer appearing for my trial?
  16. Shall I ask a fees receipt from my lawyer?
  17. What shall I do when my lawyer took fees and neglected my case?