Quality control in Export trade of India

Export-with its grammatical variations and cognate expressions, means taking out of India to a place outside India. “Quality control” means any activity having for its object the determination of the quality of a commodity (whether during the process of manufacture or production or subsequently) in order to ascertain whether it satisfies the standard specifications applicable to it or… Read More Quality control in Export trade of India

Wages minimum

wages– Means all remuneration, capable of being expressed in terms of money, which would, if the terms of the contract of employment, express or implied, were fulfilled, be payable to a person employed in respect of his employment or of work done in such employment, [and includes house rent allowance], but does not include— (i) the value of— (a)… Read More Wages minimum

Dock worker”

Dock worker:  means a person employed or to be employed in, or in the vicinity of, any port on work in connection with the loading, unloading, movement or storage of cargoes, or work in connection with the preparation of ships or other vessels for the receipt or discharge of cargoes or leaving port; Scheme for employment S 3.… Read More Dock worker”

Pharmacy Council

 Ref : THE PHARMACY ACT, 1948 THE PHARMACY COUNCIL OF INDIA 3. Constitution and composition of Central Council.—The Central Government shall, as soon as may be, constitute a Central Council consisting of the following members, namely:— (a) six members, among whom there shall be at least one teacher of each of the subjects, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy,… Read More Pharmacy Council