Hinduism, Hindu and faith statement

The word Hinduism had been coined by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in refutation of western Churchianity as an antithesis and reaction against the missionary activities in Calcutta.

This Hinduism means :

  1. Sanatan Dharma [Original Terminology]
  2. Hindu dharma [popular terminology]
  3. Hindu-pan Indian lifestyle
  4. A certain Socio-political ideology

BULLET 2Sanatan Dharma(Original faith) 

Faith in :

  1. Brahmah as Absolute and Supreme  Being, and Om as a Symble it.
  2. Vedas  as source of knowledge
  3. Karma as regulator of life
  4. Eternity of soul
  5. Rebirth of soul
  6. Yagna as means of realisation of Brahmah

BULLET 2Hindu Dharma(Modern faith)

Faith in :

  1. Govinda(Ishwar)
  2. Gita(Bhagbat)
  3. Ganga(River)
  4. Gou Mata(The Holy Cow)
  5. Hindutva-the Bharat Bhumi as Holy motherland [Political expression]