30th July to 18th September, 1949

Volume IX

Saturday, 30th July 1949

Monday,1st August 1949

Tuesday, 2nd August 1949

Wednesday, 3rd August 1949

Thursday, 4th August 1949

Friday, 5th August 1949

Monday, 8th August 1949

Tuesday, 9th August 1949

Wednesday, 10th August 1949

Thursday, 11th August 1949

Friday, 12th August 1949

Thursday, 18th August 1949

Friday, 19th August 1949

Saturday, 20th August 1949

Monday, 22nd August 1949

Tuesday, 23rd August 1949

Wednesday,24th August 1949

Thursday, 25th August 1949

Friday, 26th August 1949

Monday, 29th August 1949

Tuesday, 30th August 1949

Wednesday, 31st August 1949

Thursday, 1st September 1949

Friday, 2nd September 1949

Saturday, 3rd September 1949

Monday, 5th September 1949

Tuesday, 6th September 1949

Wednesday, 7th September 1949

Thursday, 8th September 1949

Friday, 9th September 1949

Saturday, 10th September 1949

Monday, 12th September 1949

Tuesday, 13th September 1949

Wednesday, 14th September 1949

Thursday, 15th September 1949

Friday, 16th September 1949

Saturday, 17th September 1949 

Sunday, 18th September 1949

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Tue Oct 17 , 2017
“It is hoped that both the Federal Court and the Supreme Court will evolve a jurisprudence suited to the genius of the people and the conditions of our country”. CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY OF INDIA – VOLUME IX Saturday, the 17th September, 1949 The Constituent Assembly of India met in the Constitution Hall, New Delhi, at Nine of the Clock, Mr. President […]

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