Holdings of Courts, Vacations, Holidays of Calcutta High Court[ Ch-3][CHOSR]


  1. Holdings of Courts on Original Side.– A Court for the exercise of the Original Jurisdiction of the High Court on its several sides may be held before one or more Judges of the High Court.2. Vacations.– The vacations to be observed in the several Courts and offices of the High Court on its Original Side shall be three in every year, viz., the Easter, the Long and the Christmas vacations, and shall begin and end on such days as the Chief Justice may direct.Easter. – The Easter Vacation shall ordinarily commence on Good Friday and end on the following Friday, both days inclusive.Long. – The Long Vacation shall ordinarily commence on the last Friday in August, and end about seventy-two days thereafter, but whenever possible, without unduly prolonging the hot weather period between the Easter and the Long Vacation and without unduly shortening the period between the Long Vacation and Christmas, shall include Mohalaya, Durga, Lakshmi, and Kali Pujas, Bhratridwitya and Jagaddhatri Pujas and any Mahomedan holidays generally falling within the period of the Long Vacation.Christmas. – The Christmas Vacation shall ordinarily commence on the 23rd December and end on the 1st January.3. Close holidays. – Unless otherwise specially ordered by the Chief Justice, the Courts and Offices shall be open on everyday of the year except on Sundays and the following holidays and vacations:


Sri Panchami.

Fateha Doaz Daham.

Dol Jatra.

Chait Mahabishuba Sankranti.

Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

Independence Day.

Republic Day.




And during the Easter, Long and Christmas vacations (provision being made for urgent business).