TRIALS IN GENERAL (Cann. 1400 – 1403)


Part I.

TRIALS IN GENERAL (Cann. 1400 – 1403)

Can.  1400

  • 1. The object of a trial is:

1/ the pursuit or vindication of the rights of physical or juridic persons, or the declaration of juridic facts;

2/ the imposition or declaration of a penalty for delicts.

  • 2. Nevertheless, controversies arising from an act of administrative power can be brought only before the superior or an administrative tribunal.

Can.  1401 – By proper and exclusive right the Church adjudicates:

1/ cases which regard spiritual matters or those connected to spiritual matters;

2/ the violation of ecclesiastical laws and all those matters in which there is a question of sin, in what pertains to the determination of culpability and the imposition of ecclesiastical penalties.

Can.  1402 -The following canons govern all tribunals of the Church, without prejudice to the norms of the tribunals of the Apostolic See.

Can.  1403

  • 1. Special pontifical law governs the causes of canonization of the servants of God.
  • 2. The prescripts of this Code, however, apply to these causes whenever the special pontifical law refers to the universal law, or norms are involved which also affect these causes by the very nature of the matter.