Criminal Investigation by Bengal Police- PRB Guidelines


Police Regulation for criminal Investigation[ extract from PRB]

1. Recording of information in General Diary: Officer–in-charge of a police station can record any information in G.D  U/S 44 Police Act.

2. Non-cognizable information: O/C of a Police station has no power to investigate a non– Cognizable information, he can record it in G.D U/S 155 CrPC or 44 Police Act and ask the informant to seek for an order from a competent court for investigation/enquiry of such information (245 PRB).

3. FIR (Cognizable Information): should be recorded by O/C himself (243 PRB) and investigation should be carried out by himself or any other officer as per his direction (244 PRB).

4. Report to magistrate about cognizable offence at once: 245 PRB.

5. Despatch of FIR to other Superior Officer: 246PRB.

6. List of property stolen/misappropriated to be obtained from the informant: 247 PRB.

7. Information of heinous crime occurring outside jurisdiction: 248 PRB.

8. Searches and seizure list u/s 100, 102,165,166 of CrPC: 280 PRB.

9. Medical examination of wounded person: 312 PRB.

10. Dying declaration: 266 PRB.

11. Sketch Map and Plan: 273 PRB.

12. Post mortem examination and report: 305, 306PRB.

13. Presence of police officer at the P.M. Examination: 307 PRB.

14. Photographing of unidentified dead body: 314 PRB.

15. Finger print of unidentified dead body: 313 PRB.

16. Arrest without warrant: 316 PRB.

17. Unnecessary arrest to be avoided and bail to be allowed: 317 PRB.

18. Register of person arrested: 323 PRB.

19. Medical examination of the arrested person: 328 PRB.

20. Illness of the person arrested: 321 PRB.

21. Accommodation and segregation of male, female and juvenile prisoners: 327 PRB.

22. Guards for lock-up: 329 PRB.

23. Use of handcuff: Prisoners shall not be subjected to more restraint than necessary to prevent their escape, in bailable offence prisoners should not be hand cuff unless reason to believe that he can be violent: 330 PRB.

24. Guarding and escorting prisoner arrested: 331, 332 PRB.

25. Death of prisoner in Police custody: 302 (b) PRB.

26. Accused to be forwarded to Magistrate and application for detention in Police custody: 324 PRB.

27. Memorandum of evidence: 274 PRB.

28. Charge sheet: 272 PRB.

29. Final report and discharge of accused person from the case: 275 PRB.