Counter Terrorism Measures In India

COUNTERTERRORISM MEASURES IN INDIA (DOMESTIC)  An Act to constitute an investigation agency at the National level to investigate and prosecute offences affecting the Sovereignty, Security and Integrity of India, security of State, friendly relations with foreign States and offences under Acts enacted to implement international treaties, agreements, conventions and resolutions of the United Nations, its agencies and other international… Continue reading Counter Terrorism Measures In India


Police Corruption

Police Commission of 1902-03 [ extract from the Report] The Police Commission of 1902-03 found strong evidence of widespread corruption in the police particularly among Station House Officers throughout the country. The following extract from their report gives a revealing picture of the position as seen by them:— "The forms of this corruption are very numerous. It manifests… Continue reading Police Corruption


Custody of case diaries under Bengal police regulation[PRB]

VI-CASE DIARIES. Custody of case diaries.    [s12, Act V,1861] - Police Regulations Bengal 1943 68. (a) Only the following police officers may see case Custody of diaries: (i) the investigating officer; (ii) the officer in charge of the police -station ; (iii) any police officer superior to such officer- in- charge ; (iv) the Court… Continue reading Custody of case diaries under Bengal police regulation[PRB]