Custody of case diaries.    [s12, Act V,1861] – Police Regulations Bengal 1943

68. (a) Only the following police officers may see case Custody of diaries:

(i) the investigating officer;
(ii) the officer in charge of the police -station ;
(iii) any police officer superior to such officer- in- charge ;
(iv) the Court officer ;
(v) the officer or clerk in the Superintendent’s office specially authorised to deal with such diaries, and
(vi) any other officer authorised by the Superintendent.

(b) The Superintendent may authorise any person other than a police officer to see a case diary.
(c) Every police officer is responsible for the safe custody of any case diary which is in his possession.
d) Every case diary shall be treated as confidential until the final disposal of the case,  including the appeal, if any, or until the expiry of the appeal period.

(e) A case diary shall be kept under lock and key, and, when sent by one officer to another,  whether by post or otherwise, shall be sent in a closed cover directed to the addressee by name and superscribed “Case diary”. A case diary sent to the Court office shall be addressed to the senior Court officer by name.

(f) A cover containing a case diary shall be opened only by the officer to whom it is addressed, except as prescribed in clauses (g) and ( h). if such officer is absent, the date of receipt shall be stamped upon the cover by the officer left in charge during his absence and the cover shall be kept till his return or forwarded to him.

(g) Covers containing case diaries received in the Superintendent’s office shall be opened as prescribed in regulation 1073, and made over directly to the officer or clerk specially authorised to deal with case diaries. Such officer or clerk shall take action under clause (i)  and personally place the. diaries before the Superintendent or other officer dealing with the case.

h) Covers containing case diaries received in the Court office may be opened by any officer specially authorised in writing by the Court officer or by a superior officer.

(i) When an officer opens a cover containing a case diary, he shall stamp Or write on the diary the date, if any, which has been stamped on the cover under clause (f) or, if there is no  such date on the cover, the date on which he received it, and shall, after perusing the diary,  file it with an¥ other diaries relating to the same case which are in his possession.
A Circle Inspector and a Court officer shall stamp or write such date on every page of the diary and on every enclosure received with it, such statements recorded under section 161,  Code of Criminal Procedure, maps and the brief.

(j) Every investigating officer shall be provided with a deed box, and every Circle Inspector,  Subdivisional Police Officer; and Court officer with a suitable receptacle, in which to keep case diaries under lock and key.