Day: December 18, 2017

Law of Torts

Table Of Contents Overview of the Law of Torts; Causation; Remoteness; Concurrent Wrongdoers: Joint and Several Tortfeasors; Negligence; The Duty of Care; The Standard of Care; Affirmative Duties; Proof of Negligence; Negligence […]

Media Law -2

1 Theories of Freedom of Expression and the Media 2 Freedom of Media Expression under the Constitution and the Convention 3 Censorship and Public Morality 4 The Media and Politics 5 The […]

Legal Discourse

Data protection law Law and education Planning and environmental law Corporate, white–collar and regulatory crime Public procurement law Immigration and asylum law Democratic process and electoral law Juvenile justice Attendance in person […]

Indian Mutual Fund Vocabulary

Arbitrage Fund Benchmark Benchmark Government Bond Categories Closed-Ended Funds Credit Rating Debt Funds Duration Entry Load Exit Load Expense Ratio Geometric Average Return Gold Fund Information Ratio Interval Schemes Large And Midcap […]