Table Of Contents

Part I General Principles 

1 The sources of Indian criminal law
2 Principles of liability
3 Strict liability offences
4 Corporate criminal liability
5 Causation
6 Parties to crime
7 Inchoate crimes
8 Defences

Part II Offences Against the Person 

9 Assault
10 Homicide
11 Sexual offences

Part III Social Protection Offences 

12 Social offences
13 Road traffic offences

Part IV Property Offences 

14 Theft/Reset
15 Robbery
16 Fraud/uttering
17 Embezzlement/extortion and bribery
18 Malicious mischief

Part V Offences Against the State and Administration of Justice 

19 Offences against the state
20 Offences against the administration of justice