1. Role of Judiciary to Protect the Democratic Rights and Human Rights of Individual India
  2. One Person Company: A Critical Analysis,
  3. Corporate Crimes: The Need for a Corporate Penal Code,
  4. Position of the Finder of the Lost Goods under the Indian Contract Act: An Analysis,
  5. White collar crimes : A legal challenge on Indian Corporate System,
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility
  7. Protection of Consumers Rights : A challenge to the efficacy of consumer forum
  8. The Class action suit: A challenge for protection of interest of investors,
  9.  Changing Dimensions of Indian Labour Policy and Legislations,
  10. Rule of Law is not an absolute Rule of Justice,
  11. Unorganised Women Workers and Employment Security,
  12. Surrogacy: legal issues
  13. Plant Variety Protection in India
  14. Working of the RTI Act,
  15. Legal Interpretation of Public Interest under Right to Information Act, 2005
  16. Plant Breeders’ Rights(PBR)
  17.  Indian Patent Law: A Critical Analysis
  18. Judicial Approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility
  19. Role of civil servants in India interpreting  Good Governance
  20. Bio-Piracy And Traditional Knowledge:
  21. Protection From ‘Double Jeopardy’: A Constitutional Imperative
  22. Protection Of Human Rights Of Prisoners In India: Role Of Judiciary,
  23. Tribal Displacement In The Name Of Development In India
  24. Protection Of Child Rights In India
  25. Freedom Of Press In Indian Constitution
  26. Constitutional Framework For Secularism In India: A Brief Review the law as developed.
  27. Privilege Against Self-Incrimination Under, Indian Constitution
  28. Legal Aid  And Access To Justice
  29. Development Induced Displacement and Settlement:
  30. Right to information and Good Governance,
  31. Rational of Honour Killing,
  32. Security to Insured
  33. Property Rights of Indian Women,
  34. History of Corporate Law in India,
  35. An Overview of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution
  36. Sebi and the Protection of the Investors
  37. Investor Protection: The Class Action Suits
  38. Economic Empowerment of Women: The micro credit
  39. Improving Common Investor Confidence in Public issues of India
  40. History of Stock Market In India
  41. Safe Motherhood: An Indian perspective
  42. Judiciary, Democracy and Tradition:
  43. Rationale of Honour Killing
  44. Human Rights Issues & Implications of Vulnerable Children in India