Calcutta University B .A. LL.B. 5 Years Degree Course 

Semester  Paper  Subject
FIRST SEMESTER : Paper –I: English – I
Paper –II: Political Science – I
Paper –III: Sociology -I
Paper –IV: General Principles of Contract
Paper –V: Family Law –I
THIRD SEMESTER : Paper –I: Political Science – III
Paper -II: Sociology -III
Paper –III: Economics – I
Paper –IV: Legal Method
Paper –V: Law of Torts including Motor Vehicles Accident and Consumer Protection Laws
FIFTH SEMESTER : Paper –I: Political Science – V
Paper –II: Economics – III
Paper –III: Constitutional Law – II
Paper –IV: Administrative Law
Paper –V: Property Law
SEVENTH SEMESTER : Paper –I: Jurisprudence
Paper –II: Public International Law
Paper –III: Banking Law
Paper –IV: Law of Evidence
Paper –I: Patent Right Creation and Registration of Patent
Paper-II: International Trade Economics
NINTH SEMESTER : Paper-I: Company Law
Paper –II: Information Technology Law
Paper –III: Labour and Industrial Laws – II
Paper –IV: Taxation Law
Paper – I: Corporate Governance
Paper – II: Probation and Parole
SECOND SEMESTER : Paper-I: English – II
Paper -II: Political Science – II
Paper -III: Sociology -II
Paper -IV: Special Contract
Paper -V: Family Law -II
FOURTH SEMESTER : Paper -I: Political Science – IV
Paper -II: Economics – II
Paper -III: Constitutional Law – I
Paper -IV: Law of Crimes -I(The Indian Penal Code)
Paper -V: Land Laws including Ceiling and other Local Laws
SIXTH SEMESTER : Paper -I: Political Science – VI
Paper -II: Law of Crimes -II(The Code of Criminal Procedure)
Paper-III: Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
Paper -IV: Law of Copyright
Paper -I: Offence against Child and Juvenile Offences
Paper-II: Gender Justice and Feminist Jurisprudence
EIGHTH SEMESTER : Paper – I: Human Rights Law and Practice
Paper – II: Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
Paper -III: Environmental Law
Paper -IV: Labour and industrial laws-I
Paper -I: Law of Trade Marks and Designs
Paper – II: Insurance Law
TENTH SEMESTER : Paper -I: Practical Training – I (Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance)
Paper -II: Practical Training – II (Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System)
Paper -III: Practical Training – III (Alternative Disputes Resolution)
Paper -IV: Practical Training – IV (Moot Court Exercise and Internship)

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