First Semester

Paper – I: English – I

Paper – II: Political Science – I

Paper – III: Sociology – I

Paper – IV: General Principles of Contract

Paper – V: Family Law – I

Second Semester

Paper – I: English – II

Paper – II: Political Science – II

Paper – III: Sociology – II

Paper – IV: Special Contract

Paper – V: Family Law – II  [Study materials]

Third Semester

Paper – I: Political Science – III

Paper – II: Sociology – III

Paper – III: Economics – I

Paper – IV: Legal Method

Paper – V: Law of Torts including  Motor Vehicles Accident and Consumer Protection Law

Fourth Semester

Paper – I: Political Science – IV

Paper – II: Economics – II

Paper – III: Constitutional Law – I

Paper – IV: Law of Crimes – I (The Indian Penal Code)

Paper – V: Land Laws including Ceiling and other Local Laws

Fifth Semester

Paper – I: Political Science – V

Paper – II: Economics – III

Paper – III: Constitutional Law – II

Paper – IV: Administrative Law

Paper – V: Property Law

Sixth Semester

Paper – I: Political Science – VI

Paper – II: Law of Crimes – II (The Criminal Procedure Code)

Paper – III: Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act

Paper – IV: Law of Copyright

Seventh Semester

Paper – I: Jurisprudence

Paper – II: Public International Law

Paper – III: Banking Law

Paper – IV: Law of Evidence

Eighth Semester

Paper – I: Human Rights Law and Practice [ Resource Materials]

Paper – II: Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation

Paper – III: Environmental Law

Paper – IV: Labour and industrial Law – I

Ninth Semester

Paper – I: Company Law

Paper – II: Information Technology Law [Study Materials]

Paper – III: Labour and Industrial Law – II

Paper – IV: Taxation Law

Tenth Semester

Paper- I: Practical Training –I

Paper – II: Practical Training – II

Paper – III: Practical Training – III

Paper – IV: Practical Training – IV

B.A. LL.B (Hons.)

6th Sem- Paper 1- Offences against Child and Juvenile Offences

Paper-2 Gender Justice and Feminist Jurisprudence.

7th Semester- paper-1- Patent Rights Creation and registration of patents

Paper 2- International Trade Economics

8th semester

Paper-1 Law of Trade Marks and Design.

Paper-2 Insurance Law

9th Semester paper -1 Corporate Governance

Paper-2- Probation and Parole



The Master of Laws (L.L.M) is a full time 2 years course.


The classes are held during normal working hours.

 LL.M- I


Paper-I:Advance Jurisprudence
Paper II:Judicial Process
Paper -III:Trends in Indian Constitutional
Paper-IV:Legal Education and Research Methodology
Paper-V:Law and Society in India

Group – A (Business Law)


Paper -I:Corporate Law
Paper -II:Law of Industrial and Intellectual Property
Paper-III:Banking Law
Paper-IV:Insurance Law
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