Jurisdiction of American Federal Court

Admiralty cases Cases involving securities and commodities regulation ,including takeovers of publicly held corporations Class action” cases Crimes under statutes enacted by congress Disputes between states Environmental regulation Federal constitutional issues Habeas corpus actions International trade law matters patent, copyright, and other intellectual property issues cases involving rights under treaties, foreign states, and foreign nationals Matters involving interstate and international commerce, including airline and railroad regulation Most… Read More Jurisdiction of American Federal Court

Acts of the Queensland in force

Chronological list of Acts in force – 545 titles Roman Catholic Relief Act 1830 Wesleyan Methodists, Independents, and Baptists Churches Act 1838 Australian Constitutions Act 1842 Australian Constitutions Act 1844 Cattle Stealing Prevention Act 1853 Wesleyan Methodist Trust Property Act 1853 Australian Waste Lands Act 1855 Oaths Act 1867 Evidence and Discovery Act 1867 Mercantile… Read More Acts of the Queensland in force