Law Library  Meaning of domestic violence and its scope Domestic violence means any unlawful act, omission or behaviour which results in death or the direct infliction of physical, sexual or mental injury to any complainant by a respondent and includes the following— (a)   physical abuse; (b)   sexual abuse; (c)   emotional, verbal and psychological abuse; `     (d)   economic abuse; […]

KEYWORDS:-the cruelty, harassment and demand of dowry should not be so ancient whereafter, the couple and the family members have lived happily. DATE:-08-07-2010 AIR 2010 SC 2839 : (2010) CriLJ SC 4402 : JT 2010 (7) SC 460 : (2010) 12 SCC 350 : (2010) 7 SCALE 30 (SUPREME COURT OF INDIA) Ashok Kumar Appellant Versus State of Haryana Respondent […]

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