Article 14: Ensures equality before the law and equal protection by the law Article 15: Prohibits discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, caste, sex and place of birth. Article 21: No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except through the procedure established by law. Article 25: Ensures freedom of conscience and the right to freely […]

Armed Forces (Punjab and Chandigarh) Special Powers Act,1983 Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (Second Amendment) Act, 2006 Capital of Punjab (Development and Regolation) Act, 1952 Colonization of Government Lands (Punjab) Act, 1912 East Punjab (Exchange of Prisoners) Act, 1948 East Punjab (Removal of Religious and Social Disabilities) Act, 1948 East Punjab Agricoltural Pests, Diseases and Noxious Weeds) Act, 1949 […]

Adichunchanagiri University Act, 2012 Alliance University Act, 2010 Amrutha Sinchana Spiritual University Act, 2012 ARKA University Act, 2012 Azim Premji University Act, 2010 Bangalore City Civil Court Act, 1979 Bangalore City Planning Area Zonal Regolations (Amendment and validation) ACT, 1996 Bangalore Development Authority Act, 1976 Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority Act, 1985 Bangalore Palace (Acquisition and Transfer) Act, 1996 Bangalore […]

Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University Act, 2006 Jharkhand Academic Council Act, 2001 Jharkhand Apartment (Regolation and Title of Property) Act, 2005 Jharkhand Bovine Animal Prohibition of Slaughter Act, 2005 Jharkhand Co-operative Societies Act, 2008 Jharkhand Contingency Fund Act, 2001 Jharkhand Cow Welfare Commission Act, 2005 Jharkhand Education Tribunal Act, 2005 Jharkhand Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, […]

Agricolture University, Jobner (Change of Name) Act, 2014 Agricolture University, Jodhpur Act, 2013 Agricolture University, Kota Act, 2013 Ajmer Development Authority Act, 2013 Apprentices (Rajasthan Amendment) Act, 2014 Brij University, Bharatpur (Change of Name) Act, 2014 Brij University, Bharatpur Act, 2012 Career Point University, Kota Act, 2012 Code of Criminal Procedure (Rajasthan Amendment) Act, 2014 Contract Labour (Regolation and Abolition) […]

Laws Connected with Indian Armed Forces Air Force Act,1950 Air Force Roles,1969 Armed Forces (Emergency Duties) Act, 1947 Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act,1958 Armed Forces (Jammu and Kashmir) Special Powers Act,1990 Armed Forces (Punjab and Chandigarh) Special Power Act,1983 Armed Forces Tribunal Act,2007 AFT Act (Removal of Difficolties) Order,2008 AFT( Financial and Administrative Powers)Roles,2008 AFT(Salaries, Allowances & Conditions of Service […]

Anti- Hijacking Act,2016 Anti-Hijacking Act,1982 Arms Act,1959 Arms Rules,1962 Contempt of Courts Act,1971 Contempt of Courts (Amendment) Act,2006 Criminal Procedure Code,1973 Delhi Special Police Establishment Act,1946 Drugs (Control) Act, 1950 Explosive Substances Act,1908 Explosives Act,1884 Explosives Rules,2008 Gas Cylinder Rules,2004 Extradition Act,1962 Fatal Accidents Act,1855 Foreigners Act,1946 Identification Of Prisoners Acts,1920 Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act,1956 Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) […]

LIST OF STATE LAWS OF TAMIL NADU Agricolturists’ Loans (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Act, 1935Alagappa University Act, 1985amil Nadu Agricoltural Produce Markets (Amendment and Special Provisions) Act, 1978amil Nadu Aided Institutions (Prohibition of Transfers of Property) (Extension to Pudukkottai) Act, 1961Anna University Act, 1978Anna University Coimbatore Act, 2006Anna University of Technology, Chennai Act, 2010Anna University of Technology, Madurai Act, 2010Anna University […]

Contingency Fund of Tripura Act,1972 Educational Institutions (Acquisition of Right Title and Interest) Act, 1980 Rickshaw Niyamak Act, 1357 Salaries and Allowances of Ministers (Tripura) Act, 1972 Salaries and Allowances of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Commissioners of the Agartala Municipality Act,1979 Salaries and Allowances of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly (Tripura) Act, 1972 Salary Allowances […]

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