Law of Injunction

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KEYWORDS:- Injunction

 Injunction under Specific Relief 

Injunction as  General Relief

Injunctions in General
Writ Jurisdiction of the High Court in granting Injunction
Difference between Injunction and stay

Injunctions against the violation of common law rights

  1. The Protection of Legal Rights to Property Pending Litigation
  2. Perpetual Injunctions. Mandatory Injunctions

Injunctions against waste

  1. Principles on which the Court acts in restraining Waste
  2. Legal Waste
  3. Persons for and against whom Injunctions are granted
  4. Equitable Waste
  5. Property in Timber cut by the Order of the Court
  6. Recent Statutes affecting Waste

Injunctions against trespass

General Jurisdiction
Trespass by Crown
Trespass by Companies and Public Bodies
Lands Clauses Act, 1845
Railways Clauses Act, 1845
Municipal Corporations
Trespass in working Mines

Injunctions against nuisance

  1. Principles on which the Court acts in restraining Nuisances, public or private
  2. Nuisances to Dwelling Houses and Houses of Business
  3. Nuisances to Support
  4. Nuisances relating to Water
  5. Nuisances to Navigable Tidal Waters
  6. Nuisances to Rights of Way
  7. Nuisances to Highways
  8. Nuisances to Ferries
  9. Nuisances to Market
  10. Nuisances connected with Trade Disputes

Injunctions against the infringement of patents

  1. Principles on which the Court restrains the Infringement of Patents
  2. What is an Infringement
  3. Interlocutory Relief
  4. Practice on Interlocutory Injunctions
  5. Perpetual Injunctions

Injunction under Trade Mark Law

Injunctions to restrain passing off, and piracy of trademarks and names
Principles on which the Court acts in restraining the passing off of Goods
Trade Marks and Trade Names

Injunctions against the infringement of copyright
1. Copyright in General
2. What is an Infringement
3. Remedies for Infringement
4. International Copyright
5. Copyright in Designs

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