Month: May 2018

The Companies Act, 2013 [SCHEDULE]

KEYWORDS:- CORPORATE LAW The Companies Act, 2013[CLICK] Schedule I (See sections 4 and 5) Table-A Memorandum of Association of a Company Limited by Shares 1st The name of the company is “…………………………….Limited / […]

Law of Injunction

KEYWORDS:- Injunction  Injunction under Specific Relief  Injunction as  General Relief Injunctions in General Writ Jurisdiction of the High Court in granting Injunction Difference between Injunction and stay Injunctions against the violation of […]

Corporate-Laws-Manual [Circulars]

Corporate Laws Manual [Click] Important circulars Members of professional institutes arrested by law enforcement agencies for criminal offences – Directions of Central Government Appointment of Complaints Committee as guidelines and norms to […]

Uttar Pradesh State Acts

Law Library Aavashyak Vastu (Uttar Pradesh Sanshodhan) Adhiniyam, 1978 Administator General’s (United Provinces) Roles, 1929 Administator General’s (United Provinces) Roles, 1929 Admission to Courses of Instruction for Degrees in Education in Affiliated […]

Manual of Cross-Examination

Examination of a witness by the adverse party is called the cross-examination. It is the most effective of all the means for extracting truth and exposing falsehood. It is a greatest legal engine ever invented for discovery of truth. It is the only mode to test the veracity of the statements given by a witness in examination-in-chief relating to an occurrence, which took place with him or in his presence. It is not an empty formality but a very valuable right, and a weapon in the armory of the adverse party to destroy the case of the opposite party and to substantiate his defence.