under section 6 of the West Bengal Estate Acquisition Act 1953 Right of  intermediary  to retain certain lands:- (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in sections 4 and 5, an intermediary shall, except in the cases mentioned in the proviso to sub-section (2) but subject to the other provision to  that sub-section, be entitled to retain with effect from the date of vesting— (a) […]

Bengal Public Demand Recovery Act 1913 34. Suit in Civil Court to have certificate cancelled or modified.—The Certificate-debtor may, at any time within six months— (1) from the service upon him of the notice required by section 7, or (2) if he files, in accordance with section 9, a petition denying liability — from the date of the determination of […]

Public Demands [See sees. 3(6) and 34(b)] 1. Any arrear of revenue which remains due in the following circumstances, namely: When, under the provisions of Bengal Land-Revenue Sales Act, 1859 (XI of 1859), or the Bengal Land-Revenue Sales Act, 1868 (Ben. Act VII of 1868), or any other law for the time being in force, an estate or tenure, or any share of an estate […]

SUPREME COURT OF INDIA Sukhdev Singh Vs. State of Haryana [Criminal Appeal No. 2118 of 2008] If the information was received when the police officer was in the police station with sufficient time to take action, and if the police officer fails to record in writing the information received, or fails to send a copy thereof, to the official superior, […]

36. Constitution of Special Courts— (1)The Government may, for the purpose of providing speedy trial of the offences under this Act, by notification in the Official Gazette, constitute as many Special Courts as may be necessary for such area or areas as may be specified in the notification. (2)A Special Court shall consist of a single Judge who shall be appointed by the Government […]

The kinds of cheques as under: 1. Open cheque: The issuer of the cheque would just fill the name of the person to whom the cheque is issued, writes the amount and attacheshis signature and nothing else. This type of issuing a cheque is also called bearer type cheque also known as open cheque or uncrossed cheque. The cheque is negotiable from […]

Collector of Central Excise, Calcutta Versus M/s. Alnoori Tobacco Products and another [All SC 2004 July] AIR 2004 SCW 4311 : JT 2004 (5) SC 593 : (2004) 6 SCALE 232 : (2004) 6 SCC 186 (SUPREME COURT OF INDIA) Collector of Central Excise, Calcutta Appellant Versus M/s. Alnoori Tobacco Products and another Respondent (Before : S. N. Variava And A. Pasayat, […]

The remedy of an appellant, who has unknowingly filed an appeal against a dead person, is to file an application for presentation of the appeal against the heirs of the dead person afresh. If the time for filing the appeal was in the meantime over, he is to present an application, under Section 5 of the Limitation Act, therein explaining the delay in presenting the appeal afresh against the heirs of the dead person.

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