In Corpus Jurisdiction Secundum, Volume 73, meaning of the word “proper” is given at pages 155 & 156 as under:-

” PROPER. The word “proper” is an adjective. It is not necessarily a relative term, but in some connections the word may be definite and specific, particularly when used in connection with a definite subject matter.

“Proper” is variously defined as meaning conforming to a standard of usage or action; appropriate; right; consistent with propriety; and in what has been said to be its ordinary significance, it means that which is fit, suitable, essential, adapted and correct. It sometimes is employed as meaning something equivalent to the words “useful” or “aidful”.

“Proper” has been held to be equivalent to, or synonymous with, “competent” see C.J.S. definition Competent, “correct” see the C.J.S definition Correct, “reasonable”; and “suitable”.

 In “Words and Phrases” Volume 34A published by St. Paul, Minn. West Publishing Co has given meaning of the word “Proper” as under:-

The word “proper” means fit, suitable, and appropriate. Kirschoff v. Hohnsbehn Creamery Supply Co., 123 N.W. 210,212,148 Iowa, 508; Miller v. Cedar Rapids Sash & Door Co., 134 N.W. 411, 153 Iowa, 735.

“proper” being synonymous with “fit”. Hanes v. Southern Public Utilities Co., 131 S.E 402, 406, 191 N.C. 13.

 Black’s Law Dictionary, sixth edition, at page 1216 has given the meaning of the word “proper” as under:-

“Proper. That which is fit, suitable, appropriate, adapted, correct. Reasonably sufficient. Peculiar; naturally or essentially belonging to a person or thing; not common; appropriate; one’s own.”