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Articles of faith of Islam


Articles of faith of Islam are five in number and have been mentioned in Ayat-i-Karimah and other verses of the Qur’an.
(1) Belief in Allah,
(2) Belief in. the Day of Judgement.
(3) Belief in the Prophets,
(4) Belief in the Scriptures.
(5) Belief in the Angels.

But the traditions of the Holy Prophet reveal that in addition to the above five beliefs there is one more article of faith. It is faith or belief/ iman.

According to Shariat religious injunctions are of five kinds.

  1. Farz – Strictly enjoined like five times prayers.
  2. Haram – Strictly prohibited like taking wine.

  3. Mandub/Wajib – Advised to do prayer on Eid.

  4. Makruh – Advised not to do, not eating certain type of fish.

  5. Jayaz – Law is indifferent about the subject, like traveling by Air.


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