Anecdote, the term comes from the Greek phrase ἀνέκδοτα


AnecdoteSome jungle people are extremely gifted in all the ways necessary to ensure their continued survival in the jungle: they know the usefulness and location of all important plants in their area; they understand the behavior of local animals and how to catch and avoid them; and they can walk into the jungle naked, with no tools or weapons, and walk out three days later with baskets of fruit, nuts, and happiness.

Anecdote The idea of marriage is cultural, but the customs may be defined by religion.

AnecdoteIf you change the way you look at the problem, your questions are either answered or rendered meaningless.

AnecdoteReligions propose a single and unique method for knowing what is real and what is the truth.

AnecdoteWe have certain survival experiences hard wired in childhood that are considered absolute truth and essential for living -continuously tested by everyday experience