Intellectual Property

Protecting the Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Intellectual Property Rights
    Illegally Downloading Music
    Open Source Software Licences
    Passing Off
    Claiming Royalties Art Work
    Self Publishing Versus Publishing House
    Copyright The Basics
    Copyright Infringement
    Remedies for Copyright Infringement
    Who can Claim Copyright Infringement?
    Criminal Liability for Copyright Infringement
    Copyright Tribunals
    Can Ideas be Protected by Copyright?
    What are Moral Rights?
    How long does Copyright last?
    Copyright and Websites
    Copyright for Freelance Writers
    Copyright in Literary, Dramatic and Musical Works
    Copyright in Artistic Works
    Copyright in Sound Recordings and Films
    Copyright in Broadcasts
    Copyright in Published editions
    Copyright Licensing Agency
    Computer Generated Works Copyright
    Copyright Protection for Software
    Copyright Technological Protection Measures
    Internet Service Providers Copyright Illegal Material
    Defence of Fair Dealing in Copyright Law
    How to apply for a Trade Mark
    Renewing a Trade Mark
    Refusal of Trade Mark
    Trademark Infringement
    Trade Marks Relative Grounds for Refusal
    Defences to Trademark Infringement
    Unregistered Trade Marks
    Registration of Food Names
    How to apply for a Patent
    Renewing a Patent
    Patent Infringement
    Defence available to Patent Infringement
    Information Commissioner Data Protection Act Powers
    Protection of Company Information
    Data Protection Requirements for Business
    Design Rights
    How to register a Design
    Renewing a registered Design
    Unregistered Design Right
    Semiconductor Design Rights
  2. Remedies for Violations Intellectual Property Rights