Codex is the first part of the Corpus Juris, consisting of twelve books.
Consolidated List of subject matters under CODEX

CJ.1.1.0. On the sum of our Catholic faith, and that no one, and out of the Trinity would dare to contend about it publicly. 
CJ.1.2.0. The churches and holy things and privileges thereof. 
CJ.1.3.0. Concerning bishops and the clergy, and the monks and orphanages and orphanage and a hospice for the privilege, and the self, and their own proper good, and out of the ransom of the prisoners in the camp, and out of the marriage of the clergy, and the prohibition of, or intentionally left blank. 
CJ.1.4.0. The bishop’s audience from different chapters relating to the right to respect and care for the papal state. 
CJ.1.5.0. The Heretics and Manichaean Samaritan. 
CJ.1.6.0. Holy Baptism is not to be repeated. 
CJ.1.7.0. The falling. 
CJ.1.8.0. No one is allowed to sign or Christ the Savior in stone or marble or carve or paint.
CJ.1.9.0. The Jews and the gods. 
CJ.1.10.0. Or the slave of a pagan, a heretic or a Jew, a Christian, do not possess or have some to be circumcised. 
CJ.1.11.0. The offer sacrifices and temples. 
CJ.1.12.0. Of those who cry out to the churches to be there. 
CJ.1.13.0. Of those who were set free in churches. 
CJ.1.14.0. The constitutions of the princes, by edicts, on the laws and. 
CJ.1.15.0. On the orders of the leaders. 
CJ.1.16.0. The resolutions. 
CJ.1.17.0. Old legal authority and the developing jurisprudence in due consideration of the reports. 
CJ.1.18.0. The ignorance of law and fact. 
CJ.1.19.0. Offering prayers to be allowed to the emperor for the offering, and of what things in regard to prayer or not.
CJ.1.20.0. When little emperor was given a joinder. 
CJ.1.21.0. That the litigation is pending or after a challenge or a definitive sentence is not allowed to pray to him. 
CJ.1.22.0. If the right to public or private interests lie with some of the demand or sought. 
CJ.1.23.0. The different answers to purely economic sanctions. 
CJ.1.24.0. The statues and pictures. 
CJ.1.25.0. Concerning those images first. 
CJ.1.26.0. The governors office and the headquarters of the East illyrici. 
CJ.1.27.0. On the duty of the officers of the palace, parts of Africa and the state of all the bishops of the dioceses of the same. 
CJ.1.28.0. The office ruled throughout the city. 
CJ.1.29.0. The Office of the soldiers. 
CJ.1.30.0. The office quaestoris.
CJ.1.31.0. The Office of duties. 
CJ.1.32.0. The Earl of sacred extravagant. 
CJ.1.33.0. The Earl of personal interests. 
CJ.1.34.0. The Earl religious heritage. 
CJ.1.35.0. Office of Proconsul and ambassadors. 
CJ.1.36.0. The Earl East. 
CJ.1.37.0. The prefects of imperial office. 
CJ.1.38.0. The office assistant. 
CJ.1.39.0. On the other Office. 
CJ.1.40.0. The office of the ruler of the country. 
CJ.1.41.0. For any country without special permission from the administration of the ruler is permitted. 
CJ.1.42.0. The quadrimenstruis both civil and military short. 
CJ.1.43.0. The commanders of the police office. 
CJ.1.44.0. The office of the prefect of produce.
CJ.1.45.0. The duty of the civil jury. 
CJ.1.46.0. The military judges office. 
CJ.1.47.0. Do not companions of the military art or to the tribunes washing-paid in full. 
CJ.1.48.0. The diversity of the judges. 
CJ.1.49.0. That all civil as well as military judges fifty days after the administration deposed in different cities or specific areas continue. 
CJ.1.50.0. Anyone who takes the function of the judge’s role. 
CJ.1.51.0. The adsessoribus the domestic and the chancellors of the judges. 
CJ.1.52.0. Capitu administered either adsessorum crops and other public concerns and acting in those who have acquired certain positions.
CJ.1.53.0. The judges contracts or those that are around them and restraint to prevent the administration of donations made to make and demonstrating their house to be built without the sanction pragmatic. 
CJ.1.54.0. Of the many things that the sentence. 
CJ.1.55.0. The defenders of the city. 
CJ.1.56.0. The municipal officials. 
CJ.1.57.0. Lawyers from the office of Alexandria.


CJ.2.1.0. The eating. 
CJ.2.2.0. On the right calling. 
CJ.2.3.0. The compacts. 
CJ.2.4.0. Of the subjects treated. 
CJ.2.5.0. The calculation error. 
CJ.2.6.0. On his demands. 
CJ.2.7.0. The advocates of different trials. 
CJ.2.8.0. The advocates of the Treasury. 
CJ.2.9.0. The error lawyers or published or presented conceiving. 
CJ.2.10.0. In order to compensate for the deficiencies judge advocate for the party. 
CJ.2.11.0. The causes as the shame inflicted on another. 
CJ.2.12.0. Of the agents. 
CJ.2.13.0. Do not allowed to powerful patrons tried to perform one or more actions to transfer. 
CJ.2.14.0. Of those who in the powerful name of rooting property titles or names of those engaged pretend.
CJ.2.15.0. No private property so as to set their own or others’ places the royal suspend or sails. 
CJ.2.16.0. In order to impress the signs of the authority of the judge, no one is permitted without the things, which another holds. 
CJ.2.17.0. State revenues that fund or another legal case in dispute at all. 
CJ.2.18.0. Business transactions. 
CJ.2.19.0. Which are the cause of these things, that the power of metusve about these things. 
CJ.2.20.0. The fraudulent. 
CJ.2.21.0. The restitution was in the low twenty five years. 
CJ.2.22.0. Out of a minor. 
CJ.2.23.0. The guarantee less. 
CJ.2.24.0. If the guardian, curator intervened. 
CJ.2.25.0. If it be desired to restitution in integrum, in general, and the same cause. 
CJ.2.26.0. If the decision.
CJ.2.27.0. If against the sale. 
CJ.2.28.0. If the sale of the security. 
CJ.2.29.0. If the grant. 
CJ.2.30.0. If independence. 
CJ.2.31.0. If you wish to be restored to an agreement or smaller division. 
CJ.2.32.0. If the debtor or against payment made by it. 
CJ.2.33.0. If it against her. 
CJ.2.34.0. If the offense. 
CJ.2.35.0. If the acquisition. 
CJ.2.36.0. If against the Treasury 
CJ.2.37.0. If against the creditor. 
CJ.2.38.0. If, in order to keep free the estate. 
CJ.2.39.0. If they left the estate or the estate or any other benefit. 
CJ.2.40.0. The reasons for the complete restoration is not necessary.
CJ.2.41.0. And against those who are not able to be completely restored. 
CJ.2.42.0. If less is more he or tested. 
CJ.2.43.0. If it often requires a complete restoration. 
CJ.2.44.0. Of those who obtained the coming years. 
CJ.2.45.0. If approved it became bigger. 
CJ.2.46.0. And here, too, with whom is knowledge of the restoration of these guidelines need to be. 
CJ.2.47.0. The outlook is what happens in court, the entire restoration. 
CJ.2.48.0. Even in the case through a complete restoration could be done. 
CJ.2.49.0. In the not issuing any new demands of the time when restitution is made. 
CJ.2.50.0. Of those who were absent, and the cause of the republic speaks of the restoration of the soldiers. 
CJ.2.51.0. The cause of the state of the wives of the soldiers, either of those who are absent.
CJ.2.52.0. The entire restoration times in both the minors and other persons who may be replaced as heirs. 
CJ.2.53.0. Out of these two masters in their restored again to their causes. 
CJ.2.54.0. The alienation of the trial was the cause of the change. 
CJ.2.55.0. The conferences. 
CJ.2.56.0. The satisdando. 
CJ.2.57.0. The formulas and obtaining the actions of the way. 
CJ.2.58.0. On an oppression for the delay.


CJ.3.1.0. Of the trials. 
CJ.3.2.0. The same presents a different trials and the costs of making and exsecutoribus suits. 
CJ.3.3.0. The pedaneis court. 
CJ.3.4.0. He judges the jurisdiction to be paid or not. 
CJ.3.5.0. Do not let anyone judge in his own cause, either for himself the right to say this. 
CJ.3.6.0. Who has the right to a court or not. 
CJ.3.7.0. No one will be forced to either bring charges. 
CJ.3.8.0. The order of trials. 
CJ.3.9.0. The joinder. 
CJ.3.10.0. Of those petitions. 
CJ.3.11.0. The delays. 
CJ.3.12.0. On weekdays. 
CJ.3.13.0. The jurisdiction of all judges and competent. 
CJ.3.14.0. Or the widows, or the fatherless, and also to be pitied among the persons of the knowledge of the When the emperor was not to be submitted to the. 
CJ.3.15.0. When the charges should be. 
CJ.3.16.0. The area where it should be. 
CJ.3.17.0. Where trust can be given. 
CJ.3.18.0. Where is sued, who has promised to give to a certain place. 
CJ.3.19.0. Where the action that should be exercised. 
CJ.3.20.0. When the inheritance is going on and where we ought to be recorded heirs to the property. 
CJ.3.21.0. Where there should be considerate of both private and public. 
CJ.3.22.0. When the cause of the state ought to be done. 
CJ.3.23.0. When the court or any other condition cohortali sued. 
CJ.3.24.0. When the senators or famous they sue civilly or criminally. 
CJ.3.25.0. Among these reasons are not able to serve the market of prescription use. 
CJ.3.26.0. Where the cause budget either to house individuals are treated. 
CJ.3.27.0. When allowed by a judge to challenge each other or the public devotion. 
CJ.3.28.0. Inofficious. 
CJ.3.29.0. Inofficious donations. 
CJ.3.30.0. Inofficious endowments. 
CJ.3.31.0. The claim of inheritance. 
CJ.3.32.0. On a claim. 
CJ.3.33.0. The benefits will be inhabited and service slaves. 
CJ.3.34.0. The servitudes and water. 
CJ.3.35.0. The Aquilian law. 
CJ.3.36.0. Partition. 
CJ.3.37.0. A common division. 
CJ.3.38.0. In partition rather than a common division of the families of both the Commons and may be of both judgments. 
CJ.3.39.0. Regundorum. 
CJ.3.40.0. The partners of the suit. 
CJ.3.41.0. The damages actions. 
CJ.3.42.0. To honor. 
CJ.3.43.0. The dice game and gamblers. 
CJ.3.44.0. The religious and cost-sharing.


CJ.4.1.0. And believe things oath. 
CJ.4.2.0. If certain requests it. 
CJ.4.3.0. On the vote. 
CJ.4.4.0. The money is held back sequestration. 
CJ.4.5.0. The condition disproportionate. 
CJ.4.6.0. The condition for the reason given. 
CJ.4.7.0. The condition for a base case. 
CJ.4.8.0. The condition stolen. 
CJ.4.9.0. The condition of the law and without cause or unlawful purposes. 
CJ.4.10.0. The obligations and actions. 
CJ.4.11.0. To actions by the heir and the heir to begin. 
CJ.4.12.0. Do husband and wife for a husband or wife for the son sued. 
CJ.4.13.0. A freedman of his father, or his father, for his son, for the son of an emancipated or not, on behalf of his patron.
CJ.4.14.0. Is slave behind the fact of its guarantee obligation. 
CJ.4.15.0. When fund or private debtors, the debtor has its own demand. 
CJ.4.16.0. The actions are hereditary. 
CJ.4.17.0. In so far as the heirs of the deceased from the sins, and conveniantur. 
CJ.4.18.0. The funds determined. 
CJ.4.19.0. Of the trials. 
CJ.4.20.0. The witnesses. 
CJ.4.21.0. The tools and the loss of faith in their performance and the granting of things that can be done without writing. 
CJ.4.22.0. More force is considering the simulation has spoken. 
CJ.4.23.0. The loan. 
CJ.4.24.0. The action of pledge. 
CJ.4.25.0. The exercitoria et institoria activity.
CJ.4.26.0. And when the power of the business was done as you said to the one who is in a foreign country, or of the proper goods, or what is the orders or with the de in rem verso. 
CJ.4.27.0. During the persons who acquired. 
CJ.4.28.0. Senate Macedonianum. 
CJ.4.29.0. Senate Velleianum. 
CJ.4.30.0. About the man not been paid in cash. 
CJ.4.31.0. The compensations. 
CJ.4.32.0. Of the increase. 
CJ.4.33.0. The nautical interest. 
CJ.4.34.0. Deposited. 
CJ.4.35.0. Command. 
CJ.4.36.0. If you have bought a slave to time. 
CJ.4.37.0. For a companion. 
CJ.4.38.0. The chapter. 
CJ.4.39.0. The heritage or activity sold. 
CJ.4.40.0. What is it and who can not come to buy or sell itself.
CJ.4.41.0. What sort of thing ought not to be exported. 
CJ.4.42.0. An officer. 
CJ.4.43.0. The fathers of children pulled. 
CJ.4.44.0. The rescinded the sale. 
CJ.4.45.0. When buying, be allowed to leave. 
CJ.4.46.0. If the public pensions sales been held. 
CJ.4.47.0. Without the record, that is the other can not be compared to the bottom. 
CJ.4.48.0. Of the danger to and take advantage of the thing sold. 
CJ.4.49.0. The actions are bought and sold. 
CJ.4.50.0. If any one or the other, or else ‘s money he has bought to itself under the name of the other. 
CJ.4.51.0. The foreign interest is not hindered and the alienation of alienation or mortgage. 
CJ.4.52.0. The common things alienation.
CJ.4.53.0. I will not be forbidden for the alienation of the property of another for their own safety. 
CJ.4.54.0. The agreement between the buyer and seller compound. 
CJ.4.55.0. If the slave exportandus sold. 
CJ.4.56.0. If I had, so has agreed to, so that is prostituted. 
CJ.4.57.0. If I had been so alienated, so manumitted for or against. 
CJ.4.58.0. The actions constructed. 
CJ.4.59.0. The monopolies and other illegal business meeting or a craft ergolaborumque even balneatorum prohibited illicitisque agreements. 
CJ.4.60.0. The fairs. 
CJ.4.61.0. Taxes and care. 
CJ.4.62.0. A new revenues can not be established. 
CJ.4.63.0. The trade and merchants. 
CJ.4.64.0. The changes in the terms and provisions of the activity.
CJ.4.65.0. On the letting and hiring. 
CJ.4.66.0. The emphyteutico right.


CJ.5.1.0. The courtship and the art sponsaliciis and proxeneticis. 
CJ.5.2.0. If the guide to the relevant province or betrothal possible. 
CJ.5.3.0. Donations before the wedding and the wedding and sponsaliciis. 
CJ.5.4.0. On their wedding. 
CJ.5.5.0. Incest and useless wedding. 
CJ.5.6.0. And to appoint a guardian or a curator, a marriage between a an interdict, and children were thrown out of the apple of the eye. 
CJ.5.7.0. If any of the power needed or relevant to the subject to the jurisdiction of his attempt to explain the wedding. 
CJ.5.8.0. If there was a marriage with a Rescript of the Sacred Text. 
CJ.5.9.0. A second marriage. 
CJ.5.10.0. If in the second, she is the woman to whom the use of the fruit of her husband, and leave them. 
CJ.5.11.0. The price or a mere promise. 
CJ.5.12.0. On the right gifts. 
CJ.5.13.0. The action lawsuits and actions have been transferred under the contract and the natural endowments will be fulfilled. 
CJ.5.14.0. The agreements such as the gift-giving at the wedding and Parapherna. 
CJ.5.15.0. The guard has not been paid. 
CJ.5.16.0. The donations between husband and wife and parents with children made and ratification. 
CJ.5.17.0. The Repudiations and judgment of morals raised. 
CJ.5.18.0. Dissolution of the marriage a dowry, just as it is being sought. 
CJ.5.19.0. If the dowry during the marriage has been dissolved. 
CJ.5.20.0. Constituents should stand or gifts to them. 
CJ.5.21.0. Things amotarum. 
CJ.5.22.0. Do not consider it a wedding gift to the woman, her husband, the good things are ascribed to Him. 
CJ.5.23.0. The bottom dotali. 
CJ.5.24.0. Divorced from the fact that children must be educated and stay there. 
CJ.5.25.0. On the nourishment of the children and of the parents. 
CJ.5.26.0. The concubinis. 
CJ.5.27.0. On the natural cases of the righteous children, and their mothers, and from which they are made up of them. 
CJ.5.28.0. The protective testamentaria. 
CJ.5.29.0. The confirmation of a guardian. 
CJ.5.30.0. On the legal protection. 
CJ.5.31.0. He demand guardians or personnel. 
CJ.5.32.0. When demand guardians or personnel. 
CJ.5.33.0. The guardians and curators brighter or famous person. 
CJ.5.34.0. He give guardians or the personnel and the possible consequences. 
CJ.5.35.0. When a protection performance possible. 
CJ.5.36.0. In these cases a ward who is the guardian, curator can take place. 
CJ.5.37.0. The administration of guardians and trustees and the pupillary money at interest or avoided. 
CJ.5.38.0. The risk of guardians and curators. 
CJ.5.39.0. When out of their guardians or curators under sue or be sued. 
CJ.5.40.0. If one out of several or even all agents to act on behalf of or be lower. 
CJ.5.41.0. Do guardian, curator profitable revenue. 
CJ.5.42.0. The guardian or a curator who was not given. 
CJ.5.43.0. The suspected. 
CJ.5.44.0. In the suit, giving a guardian or a curator. 
CJ.5.45.0. The fact that transacts business. 
CJ.5.46.0. If the mother has promised compensation. 
CJ.5.47.0. If the mother’s guardian will be. 
CJ.5.48.0. After puberty may cause a guardian present. 
CJ.5.49.0. When the orphan children. 
CJ.5.50.0. The support his ward is. 
CJ.5.51.0. Arbitration protection. 
CJ.5.52.0. On the part of every one: and what is to be shared by the protection of the guardians and the determination is sued. 
CJ.5.53.0. The oath is in dispute. 
CJ.5.54.0. Concerning the guardians. 
CJ.5.55.0. If the appointment is done for you. 
CJ.5.56.0. Pupillary interest. 
CJ.5.57.0. The guarantors of guardians or trustees. 
CJ.5.58.0. On the contrary opinion. 
CJ.5.59.0. The authority needs to be paid. 
CJ.5.60.0. When curators or guardians must stop. 
CJ.5.61.0. The petitioner, a guardian or a curator spending. 
CJ.5.62.0. The apology and their durations. 
CJ.5.63.0. If they are false ineffectual excused. 
CJ.5.64.0. If the guardian of the public interest, will be absent. 
CJ.5.65.0. The apology by servicemen. 
CJ.5.66.0. In the number of their children, they excuse themselves. 
CJ.5.67.0. Those who were younger. 
CJ.5.68.0. He disease. 
CJ.5.69.0. The number of those who had committed them. 
CJ.5.70.0. The curator of the insane or wasteful. 
CJ.5.71.0. Estates or other minors without a decision not alienating or vow. 
CJ.5.72.0. When the decree of the need for that party. 
CJ.5.73.0. If you do not know any small business that no decision arrived. 
CJ.5.74.0. If no decision has been made greater alienation has ratified. 
CJ.5.75.0. Members of the union.


CJ.6.1.0. The runaway slaves, freedmen and artisans assigned to different works belong to private individuals or the state. 
CJ.6.2.0. The thefts and the server is destroyed. 
CJ.6.3.0. The freedmen. 
CJ.6.4.0. The question of the freedmen and the right of patronage. 
CJ.6.5.0. If alienation has been made to defraud the patron. 
CJ.6.6.0. The service offering patrons. 
CJ.6.7.0. Concerning the freedmen, and of them for their children. 
CJ.6.8.0. The restoration of the right gold rings, and birthdays. 
CJ.6.9.0. He admitted to possession of property and within what time. 
CJ.6.10.0. When they request it during the request. 
CJ.6.11.0. Concerning the possession of the board. 
CJ.6.12.0. Concerning the possession of the board, which had promised free. 
CJ.6.13.0. Concerning the possession of the board freed patrons or their children. 
CJ.6.14.0. Hence children. 
CJ.6.15.0. Therefore, legitimate, and where cousins. 
CJ.6.16.0. The edict succession 
CJ.6.17.0. The carboniano edict. 
CJ.6.18.0. Thus husband and wife. 
CJ.6.19.0. The rejection of the possession. 
CJ.6.20.0. The comparisons. 
CJ.6.21.0. The soldier will. 
CJ.6.22.0. He will do it and who can not. 
CJ.6.23.0. The covenants, according to the covenants related thereto. 
CJ.6.24.0. Concerning the appointment of the heir can not be established. 
CJ.6.25.0. The arrangements in place or under a certain condition. 
CJ.6.26.0. The pupillary and other substitutions. 
CJ.6.27.0. The slaves as necessary appointment and substitution. 
CJ.6.28.0. The free past or exheredatis. 
CJ.6.29.0. The posthumous heirs disinheritance, and omission. 
CJ.6.30.0. The right-determination and of entering or acquiring an estate. 
CJ.6.31.0. The rejection or abstention estate. 
CJ.6.32.0. Just open covenants are observed and described. 
CJ.6.33.0. O Emperor Hadrian, and in what way the heir is in possession. 
CJ.6.34.0. If someone who can attest to prevent or to oblige. 
CJ.6.35.0. On the decree of the senate, and to those to whom they are taken away as being unworthy of Silanianum. 
CJ.6.36.0. The codicil. 
CJ.6.37.0. Of course. 
CJ.6.38.0. The words and things. 
CJ.6.39.0. If omitted it is the cause of the covenant. 
CJ.6.40.0. The law required of widowhood and Julia mixture should be abolished. 
CJ.6.41.0. Or by a codicil in his will, which is the name of punishment of these are left behind. 
CJ.6.42.0. The trusts. 
CJ.6.43.0. Common embassies and trusts, and the purpose of the mission should be abolished. 
CJ.6.44.0. The cause of the legacies or false. 
CJ.6.45.0. Of those that are under way legacies or disappear. 
CJ.6.46.0. The conditions inserted ambassadors trusts, and liberties. 
CJ.6.47.0. The interest income legacies and trusts. 
CJ.6.49.0. Senate Trebellianum. 
CJ.6.50.0. Concerning the Falcidian. 
CJ.6.51.0. The seizures rearing. 
CJ.6.52.0. Of those who were open to transmit an estate. 
CJ.6.53.0. When the legacy or a trust parcel. 
CJ.6.54.0. In the possession of representatives or beneficiaries When security should sue them. 
CJ.6.55.0. And the grandchildren, of a daughter of her of his own, and legitimate children are entitled to. 
CJ.6.56.0. Senate Tertullianum. 
CJ.6.57.0. Senate Orfitianum. 
CJ.6.58.0. Concerning heirs. 
CJ.6.59.0. Common of successions. 
CJ.6.60.0. The good mothers and maternal line. 
CJ.6.61.0. Concerning the property of, either by marriage or in another way, which is acquired in the power of the children in the spirit, and its administration. 
CJ.6.62.0. The deputies of the estates naviculariorum barnyard military and fabricensibus.


CJ.7.1.0. The punishment for freedom and a plan manumission. 
CJ.7.2.0. The testamentary manumission. 
CJ.7.3.0. On the Fufia Caninia eliminated. 
CJ.7.4.0. Concerning freedom. 
CJ.7.5.0. The dediticia liberty. 
CJ.7.6.0. To the city of Rome; but the freedom of the raising of the modes of speaking of the Latin as if transfused into a certain number. 
CJ.7.7.0. The common server manumissor. 
CJ.7.8.0. The server security for data manumissor. 
CJ.7.9.0. An officer of the State manumittendum. 
CJ.7.10.0. Of those who are not owners released. 
CJ.7.11.0. Those who do not, and can not afford to manumit a slave manumitted in order to defraud creditors. 
CJ.7.12.0. Those who do not are able to obtain his freedom. 
CJ.7.13.0. Instead of which they receive the reward of the servants of the causes of freedom. 
CJ.7.14.0. The liberal manumissis. 
CJ.7.15.0. Common Manumissions. 
CJ.7.16.0. Freedom. 
CJ.7.17.0. The maintenance should be abolished. 
CJ.7.18.0. Being thus incapable of demanding their freedom is not permitted to, and out of the property of those who are not prohibited by law to demand their freedom. 
CJ.7.19.0. The order of proceeding. 
CJ.7.20.0. Of collusion. 
CJ.7.21.0. Do the state of deaths after five years. 
CJ.7.22.0. On the prescription of long time, which is not against the freedom, for the freedom and opposed to love. 
CJ.7.23.0. The savings are earned freedom. 
CJ.7.24.0. The senate Claudiano destroying it. 
CJ.7.25.0. For a mere getting rid of from the law of the Quirites. 
CJ.7.26.0. The ownership of the buyer or the transaction. 
CJ.7.27.0. The ownership of Donato. 
CJ.7.28.0. The ownership for her. 
CJ.7.29.0. The ownership of heir. 
CJ.7.30.0. Common of acquisitions. 
CJ.7.31.0. The transformed ownership and removing the difference of the property or property. 
CJ.7.32.0. The acquisition and retained possession. 
CJ.7.33.0. The Prescription long time, ten or twenty years. 
CJ.7.34.0. In these cases a long time lapses prescription. 
CJ.7.35.0. Those to whom he is reproached with a long time, however, the order. 
CJ.7.36.0. Against the creditor. 
CJ.7.37.0. Of the four prescription. 
CJ.7.38.0. Or of the temples of the Lord’s vengeance should be removed from the time the exception is not of the thing. 
CJ.7.39.0. The Prescription thirty or forty years. 
CJ.7.40.0. The Chronicle the exception of Italian contract at different times and the raising of exceptions and objections and interruptions of them. 
CJ.7.41.0. The floods, marshes, and from pasture to another state jurisdiction. 
CJ.7.42.0. The decisions of the commanders at headquarters. 
CJ.7.43.0. How and when the judge must sentence about the presence of the parties or is absent. 
CJ.7.44.0. Concerning the risk of the recital of the statements taken from the. 
CJ.7.45.0. The decisions of the judges and interruptions. 
CJ.7.46.0. Of the opinion that without a certain quantity produced. 
CJ.7.47.0. Concerning the content, which is important for him to put forward. 
CJ.7.48.0. If it is not competent to be the judge said. 
CJ.7.49.0. The penalty the judge who decided wrongly or her opponent, who is corrupt judge or a weapon. 
CJ.7.50.0. The sentence of not being able to be broken down. 
CJ.7.51.0. Fruits and litigation expenses. 
CJ.7.52.0. On the judgment. 
CJ.7.53.0. The implementation of decisions. 
CJ.7.54.0. Of interest to the authorities. 
CJ.7.55.0. If more than one opinion condemned. 
CJ.7.56.0. When the question of an adjudged it does not hurt. 
CJ.7.57.0. Not to have the subscriptions of the programs of the authority of res judicata of the threat of letters. 
CJ.7.58.0. If it is determined to be false documents or witnesses. 
CJ.7.59.0. The confessed. 
CJ.7.60.0. Among some others decided to do no harm. 
CJ.7.61.0. On relations. 
CJ.7.62.0. The appeals and consultations. 
CJ.7.63.0. The times and repairs appeal or consultation. 
CJ.7.64.0. When it is necessary to challenge. 
CJ.7.65.0. The bodies of the appeals are not received. 
CJ.7.66.0. If the appeal is pending death intervened. 
CJ.7.67.0. Of those who use terror will not help. 
CJ.7.68.0. If one of the many things he has appealed. 
CJ.7.69.0. If the momentary possession of the Gulf. 
CJ.7.70.0. Or after two in the one and the same shall not be free to challenge the sentences of the judges of the cause of the third, the definition of which of their rulers, invigorated, and brought these to make inquiry. 
CJ.7.71.0. He can yield good. 
CJ.7.72.0. The good judge authorized possession and venumdandis and separations. 
CJ.7.73.0. The privilege of the Treasury. 
CJ.7.74.0. The privilege of dowry. 
CJ.7.75.0. Recalling those that were fraudulently transferred.


CJ.8.1.0. The prohibitions. 
CJ.8.2.0. Of these goods. 
CJ.8.3.0. The Silesia. 
CJ.8.4.0. Hence force. 
CJ.8.5.0. If, by force or by other means such confusion, it was missing. 
CJ.8.6.0. Use your property. 
CJ.8.7.0. Tables showing. 
CJ.8.8.0. The free to be received or paid out and carry out a free man. 
CJ.8.9.0. Precarious and Salviano injunction. 
CJ.8.10.0. The private buildings. 
CJ.8.11.0. The public works. 
CJ.8.12.0. The arguments of the public works and the city of Patras. 
CJ.8.13.0. The securities. 
CJ.8.14.0. Wherein security reasons silently together. 
CJ.8.15.0. If a thing belonging to another as a pledge, given to him. 
CJ.8.16.0. What matters is not to be bound by a pledge of security and how it is contracted. 
CJ.8.17.0. Who is superior to the rest in a pledge of their words. 
CJ.8.18.0. Concerning those who have succeed to the place of his creditors, in the reign, from beginning. 
CJ.8.19.0. If security is senior lender sold them. 
CJ.8.20.0. If the common interests of cords, they have to be. 
CJ.8.21.0. The headquarters of security and also due to the actions of the guard take the mission to proceed. 
CJ.8.22.0. If, in the capacity of a pledge of a judgment will be in the cause. 
CJ.8.23.0. If the pledge of securities, it is. 
CJ.8.24.0. On the birth of a pledge, and the name’s sake. 
CJ.8.25.0. Remission of security. 
CJ.8.26.0. Even chirographariam money for security control. 
CJ.8.27.0. The preoccupation of the collateral. 
CJ.8.28.0. Debtor can not prevent the sale of the collateral. 
CJ.8.29.0. If the child is going on sale. 
CJ.8.30.0. The luitione security. 
CJ.8.31.0. If one of several heirs of a creditor or a debtor of his obligation to pay the amount. 
CJ.8.32.0. If it is has not resulted in the numbering of an agreement to pledge:. 
CJ.8.33.0. The right of ownership to insure them. 
CJ.8.34.0. The collateral agreements and Commissoria the securities law rescinded. 
CJ.8.35.0. The restrictions both directions. 
CJ.8.36.0. The contentious. 
CJ.8.37.0. The commission contract stipulations. 
CJ.8.38.0. The stipulations useless. 
CJ.8.39.0. The two parties also stipulated for the two parties promising. 
CJ.8.40.0. Constituents of the guarantors. 
CJ.8.41.0. The novationibus the delegation. 
CJ.8.42.0. Payments and liberation. 
CJ.8.43.0. On receipt. 
CJ.8.44.0. The eviction. 
CJ.8.45.0. The eviction should not be a creditor. 
CJ.8.46.0. National power. 
CJ.8.47.0. The adoption. 
CJ.8.48.0. The emancipation of children. 
CJ.8.49.0. The ungrateful children. 
CJ.8.50.0. The restored and redeemed by the enemy. 
CJ.8.51.0. He landed one of the little children and servants and those who have already purchased or sanguinolentos up by five. 
CJ.8.52.0. What is the long practice. 
CJ.8.53.0. The donations. 
CJ.8.54.0. Donations are under way or at a certain time or condition accomplished. 
CJ.8.55.0. Recalling donations. 
CJ.8.56.0. The cause of death donations. 
CJ.8.57.0. Invalid penalties on celibacy and childlessness and decimariis of the way. 
CJ.8.58.0. The rights of children.


CJ.9.1.0. He can not accuse. 
CJ.9.2.0. The accusations and inscriptions. 
CJ.9.3.0. The showing or transmission of the culprits. 
CJ.9.4.0. The hold of the culprits. 
CJ.9.5.0. The private prisons are to be forbidden. 
CJ.9.6.0. If the defendant or the prosecutor has died. 
CJ.9.7.0. If anyone speaks to the emperor. 
CJ.9.8.0. Lex Julia Majesty. 
CJ.9.9.0. Lex Julia on adultery and seduction. 
CJ.9.10.0. If the guardian is one that has been suggested. 
CJ.9.11.0. Of the women who own slaves they joined. 
CJ.9.12.0. Lex Julia force from public or private. 
CJ.9.13.0. The rape of virgins or the widows, as well as one of the nuns. 
CJ.9.14.0. The amendment slaves. 
CJ.9.15.0. The improvement of relations. 
CJ.9.16.0. To Cornelia law prosecutions. 
CJ.9.17.0. The parents or the children of those who killed him about these things. 
CJ.9.18.0. Of wrongdoing by mathematical and other similar problems. 
CJ.9.19.0. Burial violated. 
CJ.9.20.0. To Fabian law. 
CJ.9.21.0. To Viselliam law. 
CJ.9.22.0. To Cornelia law concerning false. 
CJ.9.23.0. They ascribe to the new covenant is he who lays up about these things. 
CJ.9.24.0. The false money. 
CJ.9.25.0. The change of name. 
CJ.9.26.0. To Julian Law of the environment. 
CJ.9.27.0. Lex Julia extortion. 
CJ.9.28.0. The charge of embezzlement. 
CJ.9.29.0. The crime of sacrilege. 
CJ.9.30.0. To gather the people, dare to stand against the quiet of the public and to those who Concerning the seditions. 
CJ.9.31.0. When it prejudice the civil and criminal action or both, and the same can be exercised. 
CJ.9.32.0. The crime of robbing the estate. 
CJ.9.33.0. For robbery. 
CJ.9.34.0. The crime of swindling. 
CJ.9.35.0. Of the injuries. 
CJ.9.36.0. The renowned books. 
CJ.9.37.0. The abigeis. 
CJ.9.38.0. The river levees are not broken. 
CJ.9.39.0. Of these thieves and criminals hiding in other crimes. 
CJ.9.40.0. The requirendis. 
CJ.9.41.0. The questions. 
CJ.9.42.0. The abolition. 
CJ.9.43.0. The general amnesty. 
CJ.9.44.0. A criminal investigation is completed within a specified time. 
CJ.9.45.0. Senate Turpillianum. 
CJ.9.46.0. The chicanery. 
CJ.9.47.0. On penalties. 
CJ.9.48.0. Even without a specific order of the high court allowed confiscare. 
CJ.9.49.0. The goods had raised or lost. 
CJ.9.50.0. Consciscentium of goods suicide. 
CJ.9.51.0. The verdict and the restoration of the train.


CJ.10.1.0. On the right of the Treasury. 
CJ.10.2.0. The suits Treasury debt. 
CJ.10.3.0. Fiscal, and of the faith and the law of addition of the spear. 
CJ.10.4.0. The sale of royal and private generalities. 
CJ.10.5.0. Do not fund a thing that he sold the wiles of Satan. 
CJ.10.6.0. ; And they took the money out of the public character of a loan over those who are. 
CJ.10.7.0. Fiscalibus penalties creditors are preferred. 
CJ.10.8.0. Of fiscal increase. 
CJ.10.9.0. The vote against the Treasury issued on that issue. 
CJ.10.10.0. And the incorporation of goods vacancies. 
CJ.10.11.0. Informers. 
CJ.10.12.0. The requests of the way. 
CJ.10.13.0. Of those who accuse. 
CJ.10.14.0. If liberal member of the imperial heir without fail. 
CJ.10.15.0. Of the stores. 
CJ.10.16.0. The high prices and taxes. 
CJ.10.17.0. The labor force. 
CJ.10.18.0. The superindicto. 
CJ.10.19.0. The tribute. 
CJ.10.20.0. The superexactionibus. 
CJ.10.21.0. The arrest and divide the tax on securities case. 
CJ.10.22.0. The apochis public records courtiers. 
CJ.10.23.0. The Canon largitionales titles. 
CJ.10.24.0. Do not do a indemnify needed. 
CJ.10.25.0. No exemptions should be granted. 
CJ.10.26.0. The stored in public warehouses. 
CJ.10.27.0. No one should be allowed to excuse himself coemptione types and functions of sitoniae. 
CJ.10.28.0. The conference of donors to relieve either transferred or adaeratorum. 
CJ.10.29.0. The conference atmosphere. 
CJ.10.30.0. The discussoribus. 
CJ.10.32.0. In what ways, and with their children than have the magistrates: and they that are about to happen by luck of the court may be freed over tens. 
CJ.10.33.0. If the freedman or a slave to the decurionate sufficiently inspired to approach. 
CJ.10.34.0. Estates curialists without a decision not alienating. 
CJ.10.35.0. When and to whom it is owed, and on the manner of the distribution of the fourth part of the property and their deputies come. 
CJ.10.36.0. The trades imposing figure. 
CJ.10.37.0. The offer salary. 
CJ.10.38.0. If the court left the country to live any more. 
CJ.10.39.0. The municipal originaries. 
CJ.10.41.0. Between a father and a son, and not by continuing the of honors and concerning the intervals of the gifts. 
CJ.10.42.0. The role of properties. 
CJ.10.43.0. Civil services as prescribed. 
CJ.10.44.0. Of those who took their own functions. 
CJ.10.45.0. Concerning those who have received an exemption from this one from the ruler. 
CJ.10.46.0. The leisure services. 
CJ.10.47.0. The decree is some immunity granted. 
CJ.10.48.0. The exemption for gifts. 
CJ.10.49.0. On these shows either no payments will be allowed to excuse himself. 
CJ.10.50.0. Those who were younger, they excuse themselves. 
CJ.10.51.0. He disease. 
CJ.10.52.0. The number of those who are poor, or the inability of the free course. 
CJ.10.53.0. The professors and physicians. 
CJ.10.54.0. Of the athletes. 
CJ.10.55.0. Of those who have not made up secret charges have been released. 
CJ.10.56.0. ; In these shows are excused for the error, who, after having fulfilled their own profit, spending their time in their time, and out of the host of the privileges of the provinces, or the advowson of them by means of. 
CJ.10.57.0. The hirers of the taxes. 
CJ.10.58.0. The freed. 
CJ.10.59.0. The infamous. 
CJ.10.60.0. The prisoners’ demands. 
CJ.10.61.0. Of those who are in exile or have been moved order. 
CJ.10.62.0. Of the sons of a father’s house just as a father on behalf of those liable for negligence. 
CJ.10.63.0. The peculo parent’s successor. 
CJ.10.64.0. Of the women in the office where the functions assigned to the sex relevance to acknowledge it. 
CJ.10.65.0. The missions. 
CJ.10.66.0. The exemption of artists. 
CJ.10.67.0. The more important to the functions to be named. 
CJ.10.68.0. If, because of the creation is made. 
CJ.10.69.0. The costs of recovery. 
CJ.10.70.0. If, after creating what would have died. 
CJ.10.71.0. Records from the write Logographis and tributaries. 
CJ.10.72.0. The sponsors leaders of the deposit. 
CJ.10.73.0. The ponderatoribus and gold insult. 
CJ.10.74.0. The gold public prosecutors. 
CJ.10.75.0. The conferring of which are made at the public does not hold good of these things were brought. 
CJ.10.76.0. On the crown. 
CJ.10.77.0. The irenarchis. 
CJ.10.78.0. The gold price stores as applicable.


CJ.11.1.0. Mitigate LUSTRAL gold collection. 
CJ.11.2.0. The seafaring Naucleris or public transport. 
CJ.11.3.0. Naviculariorum estates. 
CJ.11.4.0. On the ship into which they excusandis. 
CJ.11.5.0. Do not know what a burden to be imposed upon the public. 
CJ.11.6.0. The wreckage. 
CJ.11.7.0. The metallariis agents and metals and metals. 
CJ.11.8.0. The murilegulis and gynaeciariis gynaecii financial agents and moneychangers and bastagariis. 
CJ.11.9.0. The clothes holoveris and gilded and moistening of the holy purple. 
CJ.11.10.0. The fabricensibus. 
CJ.11.11.0. The old coins control. 
CJ.11.12.0. No one is allowed in horse saddles, bridles and girdles and pearls and emeralds and blue adapt and craftsmen from the palace. 
CJ.11.13.0. The marines. 
CJ.11.14.0. The panels of the city of Rome. 
CJ.11.15.0. The corporate privileges of the city of Rome. 
CJ.11.16.0. The bakers. 
CJ.11.17.0. The Cuddy and the rest of the sponsors of the corporate. 
CJ.11.18.0. The colleges and chartopratis and others. 
CJ.11.19.0. The liberal city of Rome and Constantinople. 
CJ.11.20.0. The noble vehicles. 
CJ.11.21.0. PRIVILEGES urbus constantinopolitanae. 
CJ.11.22.0. The chief Beryto. 
CJ.11.23.0. The Canon corn city of Rome. 
CJ.11.24.0. Regarding the grain, of the city of Constantinople. 
CJ.11.25.0. Civil crops. 
CJ.11.26.0. The beggars are valid. 
CJ.11.27.0. The sailors Tiberina. 
CJ.11.28.0. Corn Alexandria. 
CJ.11.29.0. The Alexandria, the Primates. 
CJ.11.30.0. State law. 
CJ.11.31.0. The management of public affairs. 
CJ.11.32.0. The sale of state affairs. 
CJ.11.33.0. Of those states. 
CJ.11.34.0. The risk of renowned. 
CJ.11.35.0. Of the danger to the magistrates, who, for their interventions on these lines. 
CJ.11.36.0. The order of, Where every one is sued. 
CJ.11.37.0. Is forced to carry on against my will, an act of the State, should not, what book. 
CJ.11.38.0. Their charges to the cost of their colleagues there. 
CJ.11.39.0. Of those who are out of the office which is being administered the trust, be sued on. 
CJ.11.40.0. Liberationibus payment of debts to the state. 
CJ.11.41.0. Of the games and players and pimps. 
CJ.11.42.0. The expenses of public games. 
CJ.11.43.0. Water supply. 
CJ.11.44.0. Gladiators deeply rearing. 
CJ.11.45.0. The hunting of wild animals. 
CJ.11.46.0. The Maiuma. 
CJ.11.47.0. In order to use weapons without the knowledge of the high interdicted. 
CJ.11.48.0. The farmers censitis or homes. 
CJ.11.49.0. Beheaded people assessments such. 
CJ.11.50.0. On the reasons why farmers censiti owners can charge. 
CJ.11.51.0. The settlers, Palestinians. 
CJ.11.52.0. Thracensibus colonists. 
CJ.11.53.0. Illyricianos colonists. 
CJ.11.54.0. In order that no one of their rustic villages, or according to their own legal assistance. 
CJ.11.55.0. For any service to rural circuit. 
CJ.11.56.0. It is not to a stranger, to be allowed to transfer them to their place: and the inhabitants of the metrocomiae. 
CJ.11.57.0. That none of the villagers invited the debts is held ex vicanis for a strange woman. 
CJ.11.58.0. The assessments will censitoribus and Peraequatores the inspectors. 
CJ.11.59.0. Of all the grain in the fertile barren desert, and when it is employed. 
CJ.11.60.0. The settings limitotrophis lands and marshes, pastures and frontier forts. 
CJ.11.61.0. The feedings, public or private. 
CJ.11.62.0. The settings and their endowments and saltuense and emphyteuticis conductoribus. 
CJ.11.63.0. Slaves and settlers, inheritances and saltuense and emphyteuticariorum funds. 
CJ.11.64.0. The fugitive settlers, endowments and emphyteuticis and saltuense. 
CJ.11.65.0. The administration of estates and inheritances emphyteutico. 
CJ.11.66.0. On a private farms and forests in God’s house. 
CJ.11.67.0. The slings and woods of Sunday. 
CJ.11.68.0. The farmers also sold on Sundays or fiscalibus whether a private matter. 
CJ.11.69.0. Tămĭăcus estates and those who settlers, and on the other to set the conditions are created. 
CJ.11.70.0. Of the different estates, urban and rural cities and temples, and the return of all citizens. 
CJ.11.71.0. The location of the temples or on private farms, whether civil or royal or Sunday. 
CJ.11.72.0. The conductoribus financial agents or property managers and the royal family of Augusta. 
CJ.11.73.0. Did not come near to the lease, even if they were of royal estates. 
CJ.11.74.0. The collection of royal estates or to private individuals or to the cities and shrines. 
CJ.11.75.0. Augusta, or a private house privileges which they have no excuse Conferences. 
CJ.11.76.0. From the herd Sundays. 
CJ.11.77.0. The palaces and houses on Sundays. 
CJ.11.78.0. The cypresses from the grove Daphnensi or Perseus Egypt, not demolishing or selling them.


CJ.12.1.0. The privileges. 
CJ.12.2.0. The generals and honor prætorship and mold, the bellows seven discharge of solids removed. 
CJ.12.3.0. On the money, and of the overseers, and to the consuls, and the masters of the soldiers, not to be dispersed, and from the patricians. 
CJ.12.4.0. On the side of the city, and to the masters of the soldiers, whether they are in positions of prefects of the guard must be matched. 
CJ.12.5.0. The privileges of his chamberlains, and certain of the chief of the imperial bedchamber, and for all of them. 
CJ.12.6.0. The officers master of ceremonies, sacred gift that counts, and a private matter. 
CJ.12.7.0. The secretary and secundocerio and notaries. 
CJ.12.8.0. In order to observe the order of dignities. 
CJ.12.9.0. The masters of the screen. 
CJ.12.10.0. The consistorianis companions. 
CJ.12.11.0. The companions and military schools. 
CJ.12.12.0. The companions of the military. 
CJ.12.13.0. The companions of the holy archiatris gate. 
CJ.12.14.0. The companions who govern provinces. 
CJ.12.15.0. The professors who teach from the city of Constantinople to obtain a Count. 
CJ.12.16.0. The senators also silentiariis. 
CJ.12.17.0. On the domestic protectors. 
CJ.12.18.0. The officers labarum. 
CJ.12.19.0. The neighbor, who has custody and the rest in the sacred shrines serve. 
CJ.12.20.0. The agents in the world. 
CJ.12.21.0. The officials were camping goods. 
CJ.12.22.0. Out of curiosity. 
CJ.12.23.0. Palatine extravagant temples and private business. 
CJ.12.24.0. The stratoribus. 
CJ.12.25.0. The castrensiani and ministeriani. 
CJ.12.26.0. The Deans. 
CJ.12.27.0. The surveyors. 
CJ.12.28.0. The sacred rights of those who serve in the palace. 
CJ.12.29.0. PRIVILEGES schools. 
CJ.12.30.0. On the court, shift allowance. 
CJ.12.31.0. The Knight. 
CJ.12.32.0. The Perfectissimate dignity. 
CJ.12.33.0. Those who are able to perform military service or to the dignity of the host, or is not, and to affect to, that no man of the servants of the dignity of, and warfare, at the same time of military service or of double use of it. 
CJ.12.34.0. The traders do not serve in the army. 
CJ.12.35.0. Military Science. 
CJ.12.36.0. The shift allowance and military prefect. 
CJ.12.37.0. The military distribution of produce. 
CJ.12.38.0. The excoctione and transfer of grain for the military. 
CJ.12.39.0. The military clothes. 
CJ.12.40.0. Of reap the epidemeticis. 
CJ.12.41.0. The pickles were not providing the entertainment. 
CJ.12.42.0. The absence. 
CJ.12.43.0. The recruits. 
CJ.12.44.0. On the journey from landing on hold. 
CJ.12.45.0. The deserters and their occultatoribus. 
CJ.12.46.0. Concerning veterans. 
CJ.12.47.0. The military officials assigned to the war dead. 
CJ.12.48.0. Of offering desires. 
CJ.12.49.0. The numerariis statistical and chartulariis helpers scriniarii seat receptacles and other high civil and military judges so. 
CJ.12.50.0. Of course the general public and perangaria. 
CJ.12.51.0. The tractoriis the station. 
CJ.12.52.0. The guards and officers at headquarters and privileges granted to them. 
CJ.12.53.0. The guards and the officers of the city. 
CJ.12.54.0. On the personal guards and the privileges of the masters of the soldiers and of their. 
CJ.12.55.0. The attendants Spain and ambassadors. 
CJ.12.56.0. The attendants to the Earl east. 
CJ.12.57.0. The Cohortalibus corniculario leaders of the first rank. 
CJ.12.58.0. The guards and the officers of produce. 
CJ.12.59.0. Of the various offices and probatoriis judges and their attendants. 
CJ.12.60.0. The executive and inspection. 
CJ.12.61.0. The gains made by lawyers and concussions or duties officers. 
CJ.12.62.0. The primipil. 
CJ.12.63.0. It was the other of the consuls, and the constitutions of the sacred for joy or the State or of the judicial or insinuatores from the unwilling, or not to what they receive from the description of the letters, said too much.


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