Public Acts

2016-11-08 ·The People’s Republic of China Cyber Security Law
2014-09-02 ·The People’s Republic of China Electronic Signature Law
2014-11-02 ·The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress decided to strengthen the protection of network information
2012-12-31 · The decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on maintaining Internet security

Administrative regulations

2018-01-31 · Notice of the State Council on Authorizing the National Internet Information Office to be responsible for the management of Internet information content
2018-01-31 · Information Network Communication Rights Protection Regulations
2014-11-02 · Internet access service business place management regulations
2018-01-31 · Computer Software Protection Regulations

2018-01-31 · Regulations on the Administration of Foreign-invested Telecommunications Enterprises
2014-11-02 · Internet Information Service Management Measures
2014-11-02 ·The People’s Republic of China Telecom Regulations
2014-11-02 · Computer Information Network International Network Security Protection Management Measures

2014-11-02 · Interim Provisions on the Administration of International Network of Computer Information Network of the People’s Republic of China
2014-09-02 · People’s Republic of China Computer Information System Security Protection Regulations

Departmental rules

2017-09-30 · Internet domain name management method
2017-05-02 · Internet News Information Service Management Regulations
2017-05-02 · Administrative law enforcement procedures for Internet information content management
2018-02-01 · Regulations on the provision of financial information services by foreign institutions in China

2018-02-01 · Television and Internet User Personal Information Protection Regulations
2018-02-01 · Regulations on the regulation of the market order of Internet information services
2018-02-01 · Interim Provisions on Internet Culture Management
2008-01-07 · Internet Audiovisual Program Service Management Regulations

2014-11-02 · Internet and other information network communication audio-visual program management methods

Normative document

2018-02-02 · Microblogging Information Service Management Regulations
2017-10-31 · Internet News Information Service Unit Content Management Practitioners Management Measures
2017-10-31 · Internet news information service new technology new application security assessment management regulations
2017-09-10 · Internet User Public Account Information Service Management Regulations

2017-09-10 · Internet Group Information Service Management Regulations
2017-08-25 · Internet follow -up comment service management regulations
2017-08-25 · Internet Forum Community Service Management Regulations
2017-05-23 · Internet News Information Service License Management Regulations

2018-02-01 · Internet live service management regulations
2016-06-28 · Mobile Internet Application Information Service Management Regulations
2016-06-27 · Internet Information Search Service Management Regulations
2015-04-28 · Internet news information service unit interview work regulations

2015-03-27 ·The Ministry of Public Security, the Office of the Ministry of Communications, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the “Regulations on the Issuance of Internet Dangerous Goods Information”
2015-02-04 · Internet User Account Name Management Regulations
2014-09-02 · Interim Provisions on the Development Management of Public Information Services for Instant Messaging Tools
2017-05-02 · Network Products and Services Security Review Measures (Trial)

Policy documents

2017-05-23 · Some opinions on strengthening national network security standardization work
2015-05-08 · Notice on the approval of the filing and filing of Internet news information service units and the examination and approval authorities of foreign institutions providing financial information services in China
2018-02-01 · Notice on Strengthening the Security Management of Party and Government Organs Websites
2015-04-23 · Notice on Regulating Network Reprinted Copyright Order