Day: July 25, 2018

Evidence in Domestic Violence Act

Apart from the self-serving statements in the petition and her chief examination affidavit, the petitioner has failed to substantiate by producing cogent documents or iota evidence to prove her case. Thus she is not entitled for the relief U/s.19 of PWDV Act

Dipanwita Roy vs Ronobroto Roy [All SC 2014 October]

when there is apparent conflict between the right to privacy of a person not to submit himself forcibly to medical examination and duty of the court to reach the truth, the court must exercise its discretion only after balancing the interests of the parties and on due consideration whether for a just decision in the matter, DNA test is eminently needed.

What is Irretrievable breakdown of marriage?

the essence of marriage is a sharing of common life, a sharing of all the happiness that life has to offer and all the misery that has to be faced in life, an experience of the joy that comes from enjoying, in common, things of the matter and of the spirit and from showering love and affection on one’s offspring. Living together is a symbol of such sharing in all its aspects. Living apart is a symbol indicating the negation of such sharing.