Delhi University LLB Syllabus

Subjects and Courses of Study for LL.B.

LL.B. I Term: (New Course)

Compulsory Subjects
LB 101: Jurisprudence-I (Legal method, Indian Legal System, and Basic Theory of
LB 102: Principles of Contract (General Principles).
LB 103: Law of Torts (Nature, General Principles, General Defenses, specific Torts,
Motor Vehicle Accidents and Consumer Protection Laws).
LB 104: Law of Crimes: Indian Penal Code (Specific offences and General Principles).
LB 105: Family Law-I (Hindu Law of Marriage, Adoption & Maintenance, Minority
and Guardianship, Muslim Law of Marriage, Divorce and Dower &
Acknowledgment of Paternity, wakfs, and Endowments.

LL.B. II Term:

Compulsory Subjects:
LB201: Evidence Law (Law of Evidence in India).
LB202: Family Law II (Hindu Law of Joint Family, Partition and Debts, Gifts Wills,
Hindu Succession Act and Muslim – General Principles of Inheritance)
LB203: Law of Crimes-II: Criminal Procedure Code (General Principles)
LB204: Property Law
LB205: Public International Law

LL.B. III Term: (2015-16)
Compulsory Subjects:
LB301: Constitutional Law I
LB302: Code of Civil Procedure and Limitation Act
LB 303: Company Law
LB 304: Special Contracts (Partnership, sale of Goods)
Optional Subjects (Opt any One of the following)
LB 3031: Media Law and Censorship (incl, Self Regulation)
LB 3032: Private International Law
LB 3033: Legal Philosophy including theory of justice
LB 3034: Law of Crimes-III (Socio-Economic offences etc.)

LL.B. IV Term:
Compulsory Subjects:
LB 401: Constitutional Law II.
LB 402: Administrative Law.
LB 403: Labour Law
LB 404: Intellectual Property Rights Law-I
Optional Subjects (Opt any One of the following)
LB 4031: Gender Justice & Feminist Jurisprudence
LB 4032: International Institutions
LB 4033: Competition Law
LB 4034: Legislative Drafting
LB 4035: Humanitarian and Refugee Law

Existing LL.B. V Term: Applicable for 2015-16
Compulsory Subjects:
LB-501: Civil Procedure
LB-502: Jurisprudence-I (Theory of Law)
Optional Subjects (Opt any three of the following)
LB 5031: Military Law (Martial Law governing Armed Forces in India)
LB 5032: Business Regulation
LB 5033: Rent Control and Slum Clearance
LB 5034: Intellectual Property Law-II (Copyright and Neighboring Rights, Law of
Patents, Law of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights, Traditional Knowledge,
Confidential Information and Integrated Circuits)
LB 5035: International Institutions
LB 5036: International Trade Law
LB 5037: Environmental Law

LL.B. VI Term: 2015-16
Compulsory Subjects:
LB 601: Professional Ethics, Pleadings, Conveyancing and Moot Courts
LB 602: Jurisprudence-II (Concepts)
LB 603: Minor Acts and Supreme Courts Rules (Minor Acts will include the Courtfees
Act, the Suits Valuation Act, the Stamps Act and the Registration Act)
Optional Subjects (Opt any twoof the following):
LB 6041: Interpretation of Statutes
LB 6042: Negotiable Instruments, Banking and Insurance
LB 6043: Legislative Drafting
LB 6044: Law relating to Elections
LB 6045: Comparative Law
LB 6046: Law of Insolvency
LB 6047: Clinical Legal Education and Practical Training for the Profession of Law
LB 6048: Human Rights

LL.B. V Term: Applicable for 2016-17
Compulsory Subjects:
LB 501: Arbitration, Conciliation & Negotiation (including their International aspects
and principles of private International law)
LB 502: Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance.
LB 503: Industrial Law (including IDRA,)
LB 504: Intellectual Property Rights Law-II
Optional Subjects (Opt any twoof the following)
LB 5031: Information Technology Law
LB 5032: Jurisprudence-II
LB 5033: Criminology
LB 5034 International Trade Law
LB 5035 Rent Control and Slum Clearance
LB 5036 Business Regulations

LL.B. VI Term: Applicable for 2016-17
Compulsory Subjects:
LB 601: Advocacy, Ethics & Professional Accounting.
LB 602: Moot Court exercise and Internship (including Interviewing techniques & Pretrial preparations).
LB 603: Environmental Law.
LB 604: Taxation Law

Optional Subjects (Opt any two of the following)
LB 6031: Interpretation of Statutes
LB 6032: Insurance and Banking Law
LB 6033: Election Laws
LB 6034: Minor Acts and Supreme Court Rules
LB 6035: Law of Carriage

Note: (i) Any of the optional courses may not be offered to the students if the teaching
facility for such a course is not available at the concerned Law Centre.
(ii) Two or more courses may be taught simultaneously, thus permitting a student to
opt only one of them.
(iii) No student shall be allowed to change his/her option of a subject except during the
first week of commencement of teaching.

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