Service Law

Monthly Payments of a West Bengal Government Employee

 Under West Bengal Service Rules, Part 1

Classification of posts and Services (ROPA 1998)

  1. Group A All Govt. employees drawing pay or scale of pay with the
    maximum above Rs.10,175/-
  2. Group B Maximum of Rs. 10,175/- or below but above Rs. 7,050/-
  3. Group C Maximum of Rs. 7,050/- or below but above Rs. 4,400/-
  4. Group D Maximum of Rs. 4,400/- / below

Basic Pay:- means the pay other than special pay or any other emoluments which may be classed as pay. -[ Rule 5(3)]

Personal Pay:- means additional pay granted to a Govt. employee. To save him from loss of substantive pay due to a revision of pay or to any reduction of such substantive pay otherwise than as a disciplinary measure or in exceptional circumstances, on other personal considerations [Rule 5(30)]
Unless in any case there are orders to the contrary, personal pay shall be reduced by any amount by which the recipients pay may be increased and shall cease as soon as such increase is equal to his personal pay. [Rule 60]

Presumptive Pay:- means  a post  of which the Govt. employee would be entitled if he held the post substantively and were performing its duties but it does not include special pay unless the Govt. employee performs, or discharges the work of responsibility or is exposed to the unhealthy conditions, in consideration of which the special pay was sanctioned. [Rule 5(31)]

Special Pay :- means an addition to the nature of pay granted in consideration of the specially arduous nature of the duties; or a specific addition to the work or responsibility, or
(c) the unhealthiness of the locality in which work is performed [ Rule 5(33)]

Compensatory Allowance: means an allowance granted to meet personal expenditure necessitated by the special circumstances in which the duty is performed and includes T.A./NPA but does not include free passage by sea to/from outside India. [ Rule 5(9)]

Subsistence Grant means a monthly grant made to a Govt. employee who is not in receipt of pay or leave salary during a period of suspension.[Rule 5(34)]

Service as a probationer is ‘Suigeneris’ neither substantive nor officiating.[ clause (a) Rule 5(11)]

Deputation allowance is classed as ‘Special pay’ within the meaning of this rule end shall be deemed as pay as defined in Rule-5 (28).

Substantive pay means the pay other than special pay, personal pay or employments classed as pay.(Rule 5(35)]

Time scale pay: means pay which rises by periodical increments from a minimum to a maximum. Time scales are identical, if the minimum, maximum, the period of increment and the rate of increment of the time scales are identical. [ Rule 39(a) & (b)]


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