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A foreigner on a tourist visa cannot indulge himself in religious/Tabligh activities.


Dated: 10.4.1996.

To Home Secretaries of all the State Governments and U.T. Administration.

It has come to notice that some foreigners who enter India on the strength of tourist visas, indulge in religious/Tabligh work against the Visa rules/regulations and thus render themselves to action under the Foreigners Act, 1946. State Governments are required to keep a watch on the activities of such foreigners and as and when any foreigner coming on tourist visa is found indulging himself in religious activities/Tabligh work, action should be taken against him under the Foreigners Act and he should be deported to the country of his origin under the powers already delegated to the State Govts. A report should also be sent to this Ministry so that such persons are put on ‘Prior Reference Category’ for the purpose of grant of visa to them in future.



Under Secretary to the Govt. of India.

  • If the terms on which a foreigner has been issued tourist visa are violated it is for the State Government concerned to monitor the same and take proper action.
  • If somebody obtained only a tourist visa, then, he has to confine his activities in accordance with the provisions contained in the Visa Manual. Whether there is violation of the provisions contained in the Foreigners Act or the provisions of the Visa Manual, is a matter for the Government to consider and do the needful.
  • The term religious activity occurring in the letter dated 10.4.1996 extracted above can in the context in which it is used, namely, in association with Tabligh work,  mean only an act of proselytization.

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