West Bengal Land Reform Laws

Agricultural land in India was administered under three systems of which Zamindari system covered nearly 57 percent of total area extending over nine provinces including Bengal, Bihar, Eastern U.P., North Madras and parts of Assam and Orissa. The Mahalwari system, which covered 5 percent of the total area and the Ryotwari system, which covered about 38 percent of the total area also generated unprotected tenants, sub tenants and share croppers, who did not have any tenurial security over the land they cultivated. [Read more]

West Bengal Land Reform Act- 1955

West Bengal Land Reforms Rules, 1965

West Bengal Land Reform Bargadar Rules 1956

West Bengal Land Reform Manual 1991

West Bengal Land Reforms Prescribed authority Rules, 1964

West Bengal Land Reforms Transfer of Holding Rules 1965

West Bengal Restoration of Alienated Land Act 1973

West Bengal Restoration of Alienated Land Rules 1973

West Bengal Acquisition  and Settlement of Homestead Land Act 1967

West Bengal Utilisation of Land for Production of Food Crops Act 1969

West Bengal Acquisition of Homestead Land for Agricultural Labourers, Artisan and Fishermen Act 1975

The West Bengal Estate Acquisition Act 1953

West Bengal Thika Tenancy (Acquisition and Regulation) Act, 2001

West Bengal Land Reform and Tenancy Tribunal Act 1997

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