Month: October 2018

Best Indian poets of all times

Amaru [ Amru Satakam] Bharavi Bhartṛhari [Sringara Satakam ] Bhāsa Daṇḍin Govardhan Acharya [Arya Sapasati] Jagannath Pandit Raj Jayadeva Kālidāsa Kavi Karna Pura Magha (poet) Ramanuja Rupa Goswamy [Padya Vali] Subandhu Śūdraka […]

In 1990 Supreme Court held that heavy vehicles operating in Delhi being buses and trucks etc vehicles constitute main contributing factor to pollution.

We are of the view that the heavy vehicles operating in the city being the buses, trucks and defence vehicle constitute the main contributing factor to pollution. It is necessary, therefore, that more of attention is directed against these vehicles. Particulars of the prosecution said to have been undertaken should be made available to the Court so that the Court would be in a position to appreciate the steps taken and to what extent this measure is effective. We, therefore, direct the Delhi Administration to place before the Court a complete list of the prosecution launched against the vehicles for causing pollution by infringement of the various requirements of the law with particular reference to the vehicles, nature of the vehicles dates of prosecution, the nature of offences for which prosecutions have been launched and the result, if any, of such prosecutions from 1-4-1990.

Synopsis of Ramayana as told by sage Narada to Valmiki

|| वाल्मीकि रामायण – बालकाण्ड || || सर्ग || १   Number of Sloka 76   तपःस्वाध्यायनिरतं तपस्वी वाग्विदां वरम् | नारदं परिपप्रच्छ वाल्मीकिर्मुनिपुङ्गवम् || १|| [ Valmiki asked to sage Narada] को […]

What to do if a Judge recorded wrong submission and something not submitted at all-SC

That is the only way to have the record corrected. If no such step is taken, the matter must necessarily end there. of course a party may resile and an Appellate Court may permit him in rare and appropriate cases to resile from a concession on the ground that the concession was made on a wrong appreciation of the law and had led to gross injustice; but, he may not call in question the very fact of making the concession as recorded in the judgment