US Senate voted to confirm Donald Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh 114th Supreme Court Justice

October 07, 2018 The Senate on Saturday voted 50-48 to confirm Republican-sponsored Brett Kavanaugh[1965] to the Supreme Court. It’s among the closest votes on a Supreme Court nominee in the history of USA, and it underscores just how divided this whole process has been. In addition to his 12 years on the DC Circuit, Kavanaugh spent a number of years working for the George W. Bush administration as  White House Staff Secretary (2003–2006).

In 1993, Kavanaugh served as a law clerk to Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who he would be replacing if the Senate confirms him.Before he was a partner at DC law firm Kirkland & Ellis, Kavanaugh was associate counsel on the team led by Kenneth Starr, the special prosecutor who investigated former President Bill Clinton’s extramarital affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.From 2001 to 2006, Kavanaugh worked under former President George W. Bush as assistant, staff secretary, and senior associate counsel to the president.Bush nominated him to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, where he has served since 2006. The Senate confirmed him with a vote of 57 to 36.During his time on the DC Circuit Court, Kavanaugh taught at Georgetown Law Center, Yale Law School, and Harvard Law School, where he was hired by Justice Elena Kagan, who was then dean of Harvard Law.

Vote: 50-48

Education: Georgetown Preparatory School, Yale Law School, Yale University,


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