Intellectual Property

India’s innovation profile

India is ranked 57th in the GII 2018, moving up 3 positions from the previous year. 

India is rapidly climbing in the GII ranking and has constantly outperformed on innovation relative to its level of development for many years in a row (see bubble chart at page 5 of this brief). Positioning in the top half of the GII ranking, India ranks well in a number of important innovation inputs, including graduates in science and engineering, expenditures of major R&D-intensive global companies, and capital formation.


• In Market Sophistication (36th), India exhibits particular strength in the area Trade, competition & market scale (16th) and indicators Ease of protecting minority investors and Domestic market scale, ranking 4th and 3rd respectively.
• In Human Capital and Research (56th), India has strengths in indicators Graduates in science and engineering (6th), Global R&D companies’ expenditures (18th), and Quality of universities (21st).
• In Infrastructure (77th), India also has strength at the variable level in Gross capital formation (20th).
• In Innovation Outputs, India shows strengths in Quality of scientific publications (21st),
Productivity growth (4th), ICT services exports (1st), and Creative goods exports (17th).

India’s scores by area Weaknesses

• In Institutions (80th), India has relative weaknesses in Political stability & safety (110th) and Ease of starting a business (114th).
• In Human Capital and Research (56th), India exhibits relative weakness in the area Education (112th) and in indicators PISA results (71st), Pupil-teacher ratio (101st), and Tertiary inbound mobility (102nd).
• In Infrastructure (77th), the area Ecological sustainability (119th) and indicators ICT use
(110th) and Environmental performance (123rd) are identified as weaknesses.
• In Business Sophistication (64th), India ranks relatively weakly in Females employed with advanced degrees (93rd).
• In Innovation Outputs, India demonstrates relative weaknesses in New businesses (100th) and Entertainment & Media market (61st).


 Source: Wipro GII 2018 rank