The present name of Allahabad is Pryag CHAPTER I Preliminary 1. Introductory. – These Rules are made by the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad in exercise of the powers conferred by Article 225 of the constitution of India and all other powers enabling it in that behalf. 2. Short title and commencement. – These Rules may be cited as […]

WEST BENGAL POLICE DIRECTORATE NABANNA 325 SARAT CHATTERJEE ROAD HOWRAH – 711 102  Control Room – PBX – 033-2214-5412, 033-2214 – 5413, 033-2254-3049 Duty Officer DGP’s Control Room – 033-2214-5486 , 033-2214-4031 (Telefax), 033-2214-1946 (TeleFax)  Appendix I [Regulation 8.] Table showing all ranks of police officers in order of precedence. Serial No. Rank. (i) Inspector-General (ii) Deputy Inspector-General (iii) Superintendent. (iv) […]

 Police officers stationed in Bengal may be- (i) superior administrative officers, viz., the Inspector-General or a Deputy Inspector-General; or they may be attached to:- (ii) the District Police; (iii) the Railway Police; (iv) the Police Training College; (v) the Criminal Investigation Department, which includes the Intelligence Branch; or (vi) the Inspector-General’s staff. Source:- Police Regulations, Bengal – 1943

Published vide notification No. 2254-P, dated 8th May, 2007, published in the Kolkata Gazette, Extraordinary, Part 1, dated 8th May, 2007. In exercise of the power conferred by section 25 of the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005 (29 of 2005), the Governor is pleased hereby to make the following rules, namely :— 1. Short title and commencement.— (1) These […]

(११,७[९].१ ) उच्छिष्टे नाम रूपं चोच्छिष्टे लोक आहितः । (११,७[९].१ ) उच्छिष्ट इन्द्रश्चाग्निश्च विश्वमन्तः समाहितम् ॥१॥ (११,७[९].२ ) उच्छिष्टे द्यावापृथिवी विश्वं भूतं समाहितम् । (११,७[९].२ ) आपः समुद्र उच्छिष्टे चन्द्रमा वात आहितः ॥२॥ (११,७[९].३ ) सन्न् उच्छिष्टे असंश्चोभौ मृत्युर्वाजः प्रजापतिः । (११,७[९].३ ) लौक्या उच्छिष्ट आयत्ता व्रश्च द्रश्चापि श्रीर्मयि ॥३॥ (११,७[९].४ ) दृढो दृंह स्थिरो न्यो ब्रह्म विश्वसृजो दश । […]

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