Criminal Investigation Department[CID] under Bombay Police

16. Criminal Investigation Department :

(1) The Criminal Investigation Department of the State (commonly known as State Criminal Investigation Department) is controlled by a Deputy Inspector General of Police who is assisted by one or more Assistants of the rank of District Superintendent of Police and a staff consisting of the necessary number of Deputy Superintendents of Police, Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors and Head Constables. There are six Criminal Investigation Department Units one each for the six ranges under the control of a Deputy Superintendent of Police with required subordinate staff attached to it.

(2) The Finger Print Bureau is a wing of the Criminal Investigation Department and is controlled by the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Criminal Investigation Department.
The Director, Finger Print Bureau (Group I) is in charge of the Bureau and he has under him regional sub-branches in Greater Bombay and Districts with the necessary strength of Experts and Searchers. Directors (Group II) who are non-gazetted are in charge of these regional sub- branches. The Director, Finger Print Bureau, Greater Bombay, is under the direct supervision of the Deputy Commissioner of Police for the purpose of day to day working of the Bureau, but its administrative control vests with the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Criminal Investigation Department (for fuller details, vide Finger Print Bureau Manual).

(3) The Hand-writing and Photographic Bureau functions under the administrative control of the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Criminal Investigation Department. The main Bureau which is under the charge of the Chief State Examiner of Documents, is located at Poona with branches at Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Rajkot. These units give expert opinion on questioned documents to Police and attend to identification of handwriting and all photographic requirements pertaining to finger prints, chance prints, scenes of accidents, house breakings and theft cases, unknown dead bodies, interceptedletters, etc. They also supply photos of externees and criminals for the purpose of identifying them and watching their movements whenever necessary.

Note : A Forensic Scinece Laboratory functions under the administrative control of the Home Department to assist the Police in dealing with crime on systematic and scientific basis. The laboratory will be in charge of a Director.
(G.R., H.D., No. FSL. 1259/C-799-VII, dated 30th September, 1959).



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