Civil Service Commission [UK]

There have been Civil Service Commissioners since 1855 for regulating recruitment to the Civil Service, working under the Royal Prerogative. The Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010 established the Civil Service Commission on a statutory basis.

The legal requirement is for selection for appointment to the Civil Service to be made on merit on the basis of fair and open competition. All three elements have to be met for the appointment to be lawful.

This section of the Recruitment Principles applies to the appintment of all posts at Permanent Secretary grade (SCS Pay Band 4)

Civil Service Commissioners must chair all competitions for posts at SCS Pay Band 4 (Permanent Secretary) and SCS Pay Band 3 (Director General) level. This requirement applies both to open (external) competitions and to Civil Service-wide (internal) competitions

Civil Servants serving in UK Government Departments (excluding the Diplomatic Service) are bound by the Civil Service Code.

There are separate codes for:

Civil Servants in the Welsh Government
Civil Servants in the Scottish Government
Civil Servants working for the Diplomatic Service

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