Month: January 2019

Furlough system

The Prisons Act, 1894. Section 3(5A) defines the term “furlough system” which means the system of releasing prisoners in jail on furlough in accordance with the rules for the time being in […]

What is bail

Bail, in English Common law, is the freeing or setting at liberty of one arrested or imprisoned upon any action, either civil or criminal, on surety taken for his appearance on a […]


The concept of pledge is dealt with in Section 172 and Section 179 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872. In reality, in Mulla’s book on Transfer of Property Act, for the term […]


In The State of Rajasthan and Another Vs. Fateh Chand[ AIR 1970 SC 1099] and Another, Rule 23 A came for consideration. It purports to hold that the expression “qualification” occurring in […]

Local area

As has been held by this Court in Diamond Sugar Mills Ltd. and Another Vs. The State of Uttar Pradesh and Another, when a similar point arose for consideration with the U.P. […]

Allah Tigers

Kashmiri terrorist organization which in 1989 shut down all cinemas in the Kashmir valley for being un-Islamic. Most of the theatres closed in October 1989. Some were burnt down in 1991.  


According to “Administrative Law”, by Justice C.K. Thakkar and Mrs. M.C. Thakker-Second Edition, “Malice” or “mala fides” is of two types (1) express malice or “malice in fact” and (2) implied or […]