Opus Dei

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Work of the God in English is a Roman Catholic Organisation, created as a personal prelature of the Catholic Church in 1982 by Pope John Paul II. Personal prelatures were created in the 1965s by the Second Vatican Council [Decree on the Adapted Renovation of the Life of Religious]. Opus Dei’s central organization is based in Rome and is headed by a Prelate, nominated by the Pope.

A Spanish priest, Saint Josemaría Escrivá (1902-1975), founded Opus Dei in 1928 in Spain. Opus Dei was formally approved by the Holy See in 1950 as a secular institute. The can open missionary centre with the permission of the local Bishop. Priests attached with the organisation are called secular priests and differ from diocesan priest. Opus Dei has been accused of running a business of selling babies during and after the Spanish civil war but till nobody ever prosecuted. A novel The Da Vinci Code portrayed them with a negative image.

Organisational Morning Prayer

Format: Short petition type with a response

Versicle: Blessed be our God and Father: he hears the prayers of his children.
Response: Lord, hear us.
Versicle: We thank you, Father for sending us your Son: – let us keep him before our eyes throughout this day.
Response: Lord, hear us.
Versicle: Make wisdom our guide, – help us walk in newness of life.
Response: Lord, hear us.
Versicle: Lord, give us your strength in our weakness: – when we meet problems give us courage to face them.
Response: Lord, hear us.
Versicle: Direct our thought, our words, our actions today, – so that we may know, and do, your will.
Response: Lord, hear us.

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Emeritus means

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A retired person from the position. Its female form is ’emerita’ Example: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI  

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