Indian Acts passed by the British Parliament

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India (Attachment of States) Act 1944
India (Central Government and Legislature) Act 1946
India (Consequential Provision) Act 1949 6
India (Consequential Provisions) Act 2
India (Estate Duty) Act 1945
India (Federal Court Judges) Act 1942
India (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1944
India (Proclamations of Emergency) Act 1946
India Act 111
India Act 1784
India Act 1919
India Act 1935 13
India Act 1939 2
India Act 1947
India and Burma (Emergency Provisions) Act 1940
India and Burma (Existing Laws) Act 1937
India and Burma (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act
India and Burma (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 1940
India and Burma (Postponement of Elections) Act 1941
India and Burma (Temporary and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1942
India and Burma Act
India and Colonial Divorce Jurisdiction Act 2
India Constitution Act 4
India Council Act 6
India Councils Act 9
India Councils Act 1909
India Defence Force Act
India Factories Act
India Factory Act 2
India Government Act 10
India Government Act 1858
India Income Tax Act
India Independence Act 1947 6
India Land Acquisition Act
India Merchant Shipping Act
India Military Funds Act 1866
India Mines Act
India Mutiny Act
India Official Secrets (Amendment) Act 1904
India Press Act 3
India Prisons Act
India Railways Act
India Stocks Transfer Act 5
India Tariff Act 5
India Textile Amendment Act 1934 3
India Trade Union Act 2
India Trades Union Act
India, Pakistan and Burma Act 3
Indian Advance Act 1879 2
Indian Air Force Act 3
Indian Ancient Monuments (Preservation) Act 1904
Indian and Colonial Divorce Jurisdiction Act 5
Indian and Colonial Divorce Jurisdiction Act 1926 4
Indian and Colonial Divorce Jurisdiction Act 1940
Indian and Colonial Jurisdiction Act 1926
Indian Appointments Act 1854 3
Indian Arms Act 5
Indian Arms Act 1878 3
Indian Army Act 5
Indian Army Marine Act
Indian Army Pension Deficiency Act 1885 3
Indian Army Tension Deficiency Act 1885 2
Indian Bar Councils Act
Indian Cantonment Act
Indian Central Board of Revenue Act 1924 2
Indian Child Marriage Restraint Act
Indian Christian Converts Dissolution of Marriage Act
Indian Church Act 1927
Indian Cinematograph Act
Indian Citizenship Act 2
Indian Civil Servants Act 1947
Indian Civil Service (Temporary Provisions) Act 1915 6
Indian Civil Service Act
Indian Civil Service Act 1861 2
Indian Coinage Act 1870 9
Indian Companies Act 1913 7
Indian Constitution Act
Indian Contagious Diseases Act 9
Indian Contagious Diseases Act 1868 2
Indian Contract Act
Indian Council Act 4
Indian Council Act 1861
Indian Council’s Act 2
Indian Councils Act 92
Indian Councils Act 1861 26
Indian Councils Act 1874
Indian Councils Act 1892 5
Indian Councils Act 1909 13
Indian Councils Amendment Act 2
Indian Credit Society Banks Act
Indian Criminal Law Amendment Act 1908 4
Indian Currency Act 4
Indian Defence Act
Indian Defence Force Act 3
Indian Defence Force Act 1917
Indian Defence Force Amendment Act
Indian Defence of the Realm Act 2
Indian Divorce Act 8
Indian Divorce Act 1869 2
Indian Divorce Act 1945
Indian Divorces (Validity) Act 3
Indian Divorces (Validity) Act 1921 3
Indian Electricity Act 1948 2
Indian Emigration Act 5
Indian Emigration Act 1922
Indian Estate Duty Act 3
Indian Evidence Act 3
Indian Extradition Act
Indian Extradition Act 1903 2
Indian Factories Act 21
Indian Factories Act 1881
Indian Factory Act 25
Indian Factory Act 1879
Indian Finance Act 1923 2
Indian Finance Act 1944 2
Indian Foreign Jurisdiction Act 2
Indian Franchise Act 1945
Indian Gold Thread Industry (Protection) Act 1931
Indian Government Act 23
Indian Government Act 1858
Indian High Courts Act 1861 5
Indian High Courts Act 1911
Indian High Courts Act 1922
Indian Hindu Marriage Act 3
Indian Human Rights Act 1993
Indian Immigrants’ Protection Act
Indian Immigration Act
Indian Income Tax Act 15
Indian Income Tax Act 1919
Indian Income Tax Act 1922
Indian Income-tax (Amendment) Act 1939
Indian Income-Tax Act 1922 3
Indian Indemnity Act 4
Indian Independence Act 1947 45
Indian Land Acquisition Act 5
Indian Leper Act
Indian Lepers Act 3
Indian Marine Act 4
Indian Marriage Act
Indian Merchandise Marks Act
Indian Merchant Shipping Act 1923 11
Indian Mines Act 16
Indian Mines Act 1923 2
Indian Mutiny Act 14
Indian New Code and Evidence Act 1872
Indian Oaths Act 1873 4
Indian Official Secrets (Amendment) Act 1904
Indian Official Secrets Act 2
Indian Paper Currency Act 4
Indian Paper Currency Act 1882
Indian Passport Act
Indian Patents Act 1970
Indian Patents and Designs Act
Indian Pay (Temporary Abatements) Act
Indian Pay (Temporary Abatements) Act 1931 3
Indian Pay (Temporary Abatements) Act 1933
Indian Pay (Temporary Abatements) Act 1934
Indian Pensions Act 2
Indian Plumage Act
Indian Police Act
Indian Post Office Act 4
Indian Post Office Act 1898 5
Indian Press (Emergency Powers) Act 5
Indian Press (Emergency Powers) Act 1931 3
Indian Press Act 18
Indian Press Act 1910 7
Indian Press Act 1931
Indian Press Emergency Powers Act 1931
Indian Prisons Act
Indian Railway Annuities (Sinking Funds) Act 1909
Indian Railway Company’s Act 1894 2
Indian Railways Act 15
Indian Railways Act 1894
Indian Reform Act
Indian Reformatories Act
Indian Reformatory Schools Act 1876
Indian Reforms Act 2
Indian Salt Act 1882
Indian Sea Customs Act 3
Indian Sea Customs Act 1878
Indian Securities Act 1860 3
Indian Shipping Act 2
Indian Soldiers (Litigation) Act 1918 2
Indian Soldiers Civil Litigation Act
Indian Sugar Duties Act 3
Indian Tariff Act 23
Indian Tariff Act 1894 2
Indian Tariff Act 1899 4
Indian Tariff Amendment Act 1899
Indian Tariffs Act
Indian Telegraph Act 4
Indian Telegraphs Act
Indian Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act 1985 2
Indian Textile Protection Act 1934
Indian Trade Disputes Act
Indian Trade Union Act 9
Indian Trade Unions Act 1926 2
Indian Trades Dispute Act 2
Indian Trades Disputes Act 2
Indian Trades Union Act 2
Indian Trades Union Act 1926 3
Indian Tribunal and Inquiry Act
Indian Trusts Act
Indian Universities (Validation) Act 3
Indian Universities Act 3
Indian Vaccination Act
Indian Vernacular Press Act 10
Indian Whipping Act 9
Indian Whipping Act 1909
Indian Workmen’s Compensation Act 6
Indian Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923

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