The University Court

The University Court members majority of whom are lay and is chaired either by the Chancellor or, in her/his absence, the Pro-Chancellor. It is not involved in the University’s decision-making processes, but it plays an important and influential role: in a nutshell, the Court is an important link with the community and other stakeholders, fostering engagement, responsiveness and accountability.

The Court’s mission is to serve ‘as a mechanism for – and a symbol of – the University’s accountability to the wider community’. It is empowered to ask questions about, and express an opinion on, any matter whatsoever concerning the University; and to convey such opinions to the Council, and can thus invite the Council (or other University bodies) to consider particular questions or courses of action. It meets at least twice a year: a formal, minuted, ‘business’ meeting occurs in December, whereas other ‘engagement’ events are intentionally informal.

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