Day: February 6, 2019

Counsel means

A barrister or solicitor, in respect of the matters or things that barristers and solicitors, respectively, are authorized by the law of a province to do or perform in relation to legal […]

Human pathogen

human pathogen means a micro-organism, nucleic acid or protein. Examples Toxins Aerolysin Aerolysine Alpha toxin Toxine Alpha Anthrax toxins: Lethal Toxin and Oedema Toxin Toxines du charbon : toxine létale et toxine d’oedème […]

Statutory instrument

Means any rule, order, regulation, ordinance, direction, form, tariff of costs or fees, letters patent, commission, warrant, proclamation, by-law, resolution or other instrument issued, made or established (i) in the execution of […]

Regulation means

a statutory instrument (a) made in the exercise of a legislative power conferred by or under an Act of Parliament, or (b) for the contravention of which a penalty, fine or imprisonment […]

Common-law partner

Common-law partner, in relation to an individual, means a person who is cohabiting with the individual in a conjugal relationship at the relevant time, having so cohabited for a period of at […]

Human clone

Human clone means an embryo that, as a result of the manipulation of human reproductive material or an in vitro embryo, contains a diploid set of chromosomes obtained from a single — […]