Without registration nobody shall deal with pesticide in Pakistan

Application for registration of a pesticide-

(1) Any person intending to import, manufacture, formulate, sell, offer for sale, hold in stock for sale or advertise any pesticide may apply to the Federal Government for the registration of the pesticide under such name as he may indicate in the application.

(2) An application under sub­section (1) shall be in such form, be accompanied by such fee and contain such statements and information as may be prescribed.

(3) Where the person making an application under sub­section (1) is not domiciled in Pakistan, the application shall, besides such person, be signed by his agent or representative in Pakistan.

(4) Upon the receipt of an application under sub­section (1), the Federal Government may register  pesticide by the name indicated in the application, if it is satisfied that

(a) the “name of the pesticide” is not such as would tend to deceive or mislead the
purchaser with respect to the guarantee relating to the pesticide or its ingredients or the
method of its preparation; or
(b) the guarantee relating to the pesticide or its ingredients is not the same as that of another registered pesticide by the same manufacturer or is not so similar thereto as to be likely to deceive; or
(c) it is effective for the purpose for which it is sold or represented to be effective; or
(d) it is not generally detrimental or injurious to vegetation, except weeds, or to human or animal health, even when applied according to directions.

(5) When it registers a  pesticide on the application of any person, the Federal
Government shall grant to him a certificate of registration in such form as may be prescribed.

The period for which registration shall be effective-

The registration of a pesticide shall be effective from the date of its registration until the thirtieth day of June of the third year following the year of registration.

Agricultural Pesticides Ordinance, 1971 [Pakistan]

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