Super-Supreme Court

Hon’ble Supreme Court in Vishnu Awatar Vs. Shiv Autar and Others[AIR 1980 SC 1575 : (1980) 4 SCC 81 : (1980)], has held as under:

After all, our District Courts are easier of access for litigants, and the High Courts, especially in large States like Uttar Pradesh, are ‘untouchable’ and ‘unapproachable’ for agrestic populations and even urban middle classes. Nor is there ground to distrust the District Judges. A hierarchy of courts built upon a heritage of disbelief in inferiors has an imperial flavour. If we suspect a Munsif and put a District Judge over him for everything he does, if we distrust a district Judge and vest the High Court with pervasive supervision, if we be skeptical about the High Courts and watch meticulously over all their orders, the System will break down as its morale will crack up. A psychic communicable disease of suspicion, skepticism and servility cannot make for the health of the judicial system. If the Supreme Court has a super-Supreme Court above it, it is doubtful whether many of its verdicts will survive, judging by the frequency with which it differs from itself.

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