Day: February 11, 2019

Musical work

Copyright Act, 1957 – Section 2 Section 2(p) reads as follows: musical work” means a work consisting of music and includes any graphical notation of such work but does not include any […]

Shruthi box

With regard to Shruthi box and Tabala, although they do not bear the appearance and shape of Tabala and traditional Shruthi box but they play the music of traditional Tabala and Shruthi […]


The systematic study of documentation of sound recording, cataloging. including cataloging of an individual artist, group, orchestra, performance or musical theater. EXAMPLE : Díaz-Ayala, Cristóbal – Encyclopedic Discography of Cuban Music, Vol. 1 […]


Importance of education which has been emphasised in the ‘Neethishatakam’ by Bhartruhari (First Century B.C.) in the following words: “Translation: Education is the special manifestation of man; Education is the treasure which […]