نماز –

Namaz is a non-Arabic word and not mentioned in the Quran , possibly originated from Persian or Turkish. Arabic-Islamic prayer is called Salah from  Arabic صَلَاة‎ .

Persian Namaz or Namas and Sanskrit Namas [ नमस्] had the same root√ – Nam [ bending in respect]

The word نماز never mentioned in the Quran. Tawheed [ the deity is One] is the first principle for offering Islamic prayer [“(All) praise is due to Allah, Who has not taken a son and Who has not a partner in the kingdom”. (Quran: 17:111)]. Several examples could be added to show that this Tawheed doctrine is in refutation of Christian creed of Trinity, but offers some sort of similarities with the concept of Brahman.

Brahman is one and unified, the worshiper can start from anywhere but the finishing point must be Brahman. The difference between Allah and Brahman is that metaphysically One Allah will remain One at the End Time and all his followers would be judged according to their faith and witness of prophet Muhammad. Per contra at the End only Brahma would exist, the worshiper and the worshiped would be One unified Brahman.

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