Kalhana’s Rajatarangini

A Historical treatise written by Kashmiri Poet-politician Kalhana[CE 1148 ] in the form of Sanskrit poems in eight chapters termed as Tarangas (Waves) describing the lives and circumstances of the Hindu kings that prevailed in Kashmir during their times. Chanpak (Champak), the father of Kalhan, was a reliable secretary of King Harsh Dev (108 9 -1101) of Kashmir.


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Regiments in Indian Army

Thu Feb 21 , 2019
The Army Act. 1950 was passed by the Parliament to consolidate and amend the law relating to the government of the regular Army. The persons who are subject to the Act wherever they may be are, inter alia. officer , junior commissioned officers and warrant officers of the regular Army. The conditions of service are contained in Chapter IV. (Sections […]
War and Peace

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