Day: February 23, 2019

Judicial power

Griffith, C. J., in an Australian case, namely, Huddart Parker and Co. v. Moorehead which to some extent neutralised the effect of the negative tests enumerated in the judgment. The observations of […]


The Baccalauréat[(French secondary school diploma/ high-school degree] is a state diploma awarded to pupils in their final lycée year. Higher Secondary[12th Standard] in India. This programme leads to a Bachelor’s degree. It is […]


Obligatory or Unchallengeable Examples : This Court in the case of P. Anand Gajapathi Raju and Others Vs. P.V.G. Raju (Died) and Others, has held that the language of Section 8 is […]


The word “modification” means “the action of making changes in an object without altering its essential nature or character; the state of being thus changed; partial alteration”. Stress is being placed on […]

Public interest litigation

Public interest litigation, which has now come to occupy an important field in the administration of law should not be ‘publicity interest litigation’ or ‘private interest litigation’ or ‘politics interest litigation’. There […]