The Baccalauréat[(French secondary school diploma/ high-school degree] is a state diploma awarded to pupils in their final lycée year. Higher Secondary[12th Standard] in India. This programme leads to a Bachelor’s degree.

It is the equivalent of A-Levels, and enables students to apply to university in the UK. European Matura is equivalent to Bac [ grade 12].

In China, it is the completion of Senior High Year 2 with a minimum score of 75% in every subject taken, and a minimum of 80% in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. Or completion of Senior High Year 3 with a minimum score of 70% in every subject taken, and a minimum of 75% in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry

In USA High School Diploma with an average of 75% (GPA 2.75), and a minimum of 80% (GPA 3.0) in Maths, Biology and Chemistry. Maths, English Language, Biology and Chemistry must all be taken to Grade 12.

In Saudi Arabia Tawjihiyya or Thanawiyya Al’Aaama (Secondary School Certificate) or General Secondary Education Certificate with a minimum of 60% in each subject taken in grade 12, with a minimum of 70% in Maths, Biology and Chemistry

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