Acquaintance rape 

Rape is a violent act and may be committed by a stranger, friend or an acquaintance. Rape causes extreme emotional and personal injuries as well as physical injuries which are often quite serious. Victims of rape suffer from all kinds of physical reactions like sleeping problems (oversleeping or insomia), nightmares, headaches, body aches, flashbacks, uncontrollable crying etc. Victims may also suffer from feelings of guilt, anger, distrust anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, depression confusion, helplessness, shame and shock. Rape victims may undergo, personality changes, withdrawal from, social activities, may show self-destructive behaviour or suicidal tendencies, withdrawal from family and friends, may become unable to concentrate on studies or perform routine activities and often suffer from forgetfulness.

In the case  of acquaintance rape, the victim and the accused have trust relation and easy access. The victim knows the accused very well and can respond easily to him.

Cases of Acquaintance rape : 

  1. Friends, classmates or co-workers
  2. Boyfriends and girlfriends
  3. Internet friends and contacts
  4. Teachers and students
  5. Coaches and athletes
  6. Religious leaders and disciples or members
  7. Doctors and patients
  8. Inside the family relation